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My friend is fighting over custody of her child with a guy she dated for a couple years.  She found out I've been letting the grandparents?

Visit while she is at work and I'm babysitting.  She threw a fit about it and demanded I not let them visit.  I told her that Karl and his parents are both good people that love the baby and that I won't be used as a pawn to keep them away from her.

I'm babysitting for free and told her if she doesn't like it, she can pay for daycare. Or, even better, let the grandparents who want to babysit do it for free.

Why do so many mothers use children as weapons to hurt the father even when the father is a good person and wants to be involved.   Shouldn't fathers have equal rights?  Should it be considered abuse to prevent a child from visiting with their family?

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    You're the not the kid's relative. You don't get to decide does and doesn't see the kid just because you feel a certain way. If you truly didn't want to be involved then quit. 

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    The court will work out visitation.

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