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For a small 12 by 12 foot living space what would be the best arraignment please?

In color and size of furniture. It's for a single male.

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  • Lili
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    1 month ago

    The space will seem larger and less crowded if the furniture is light in color -- beige, for example.  And you should use relatively little of it: a sofabed, side table with lamp, perhaps, a small table with a couple of chairs that can double as a desk.  A low table that can be used in front of the sofa but is small and easily moved might be useful.

    A small, not too tall chest of drawers can double as the side table next to the sofa.  If you have a relatively deep closet, you might be able to get a chest of drawers into that. Use a small chest for things like socks and underwear and put sweaters on a shelf in the closet. Put your shoes on the floor of the closet.

    You could also buy a folding table that can be propped up against a wall until you need it, instead of a regular one.

    You MIGHT be able to get an armchair in the space, if it's not too large.

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