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Is it possible for parents to get temporary guardianship of a developmentally disabled child until they reach a certain age like 21 or 25 ?

And then reconsider

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    Parents have guardianship of their minor children until they turn 18, which is the age of majority (at least in most places).  If the child is incapacitated, they will have to obtain guardianship from the court.  Although the person is still their child, once he turns 18, he is considered an adult, and presumed capable, unless shown not to be.  Once guardianship is established in this manner, it continues for as long as it is needed, which might be for the rest of the child's life.  See a lawyer who practices in this area for advice on how to proceed.  Or contact a social worker, who can put you in touch with appropriate resources.  Good luck.

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    People under 21 are minors so I'd imagine you'd have guardianship of them by default. 

    I don't believe guardianship of adults is temporary. 

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    Yes, guardianship of an adult can be terminated at any time by petitioning the Court that awarded the guardianship.  If necessary, another guardian will be appointed, sometimes an attorney recommended by the Court.

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    It may or may not depend on the local state/province/territory/country/region and their local laws, if there are any.  

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    Theres no "temporary guardianship"...

    Guardianship can come to an end if the disabled person learns the skills to function independently (thats a rare scenario)

    Or custody can be signed over to the state, in which case the disabled person would live in a facility and a guardian would be assigned.

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    You get permanent guardianship of a disabled adult child.  

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    No. Such custody wouldn't expire.

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    I’m not sure. I believe you can only do guardianship with adults that are 21. People that are under 21 you still have guardianship over.

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