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I need help convincing my parents to let me buy my first motorcycle?

Just a bit of background, I'm a 17 year old living in a planned city. Ive done my research, chosen my bike (2016 Yamaha R3) and safety gear, and agreed to take safety courses. I consider myself a responsible person, I understand that there is risks involved with riding, but I think the risks are worth it. I love the financial aspect of bikes and can see it being beneficial when im a broke college student trying to pay for gas, I love the fun aspect of riding of course, and would like to learn in a safer environment (like a planned city) so I have experience under my belt for later down the road. My parents believe im responsible enough to ride safely, but they cant get over other drivers on the road. Ive brought up various stats on how to exponentially lower the risk of a crash, and it hasn't been enough. Can anyone help me try to convince them to let me start learning how to ride a bike?  

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    Honestly you should probably not get a motorcycle unless you already have another vehicle. You're gonna need to get groceries, bring things with you, and so on. Also the weather is going to suck sometimes. It's going to rain, be cold, be too hot, you're gonna be sweating balls or freezing half the year. And it doesn't really save that much money. Like for example an r3 new is like 5,000 dollars and even if you don't crash it (highly unlikely) the engine will probably only last 70,000 miles or so. Motorcycle engines do not last as long as car engines, because they're always revving so high. So you'd have to get 3-4 motorcycles to travel 250,000 miles which 1 car could do no problem. A Brand new hyundai accent 6-speed manual costs about 14k with a little negotiation, and mine gets 45mpg, and will probably last 250k mile at least. Yeah, a motorcycle might get slightly better mpg, 55mpg as opposed to 45 mpg, but over the course of 250,000 miles, that's about 1000 extra gallons, or 2000 extra dollars. And really, you're gonna crash the bike eventually. As soon as you crash the bike you're basically out 4,000 dollars on the spot. So when you consider things from a practical point of view, even if you never crash the bike, you're only gonna save about 2000 dollars over the course of like 15 years of riding a motorcycle. And when you encounter rain, cold, heat, issues with cargo space, it's well worth the extra 2000 dollars to just get a car and be comfortable for the next 15 years.

    You can do whatever you want, but from a practical point of view, I would not get a motorcycle unless I was like 25-30 years old, had no girlfriend or wife or kids that would miss me if I died, owned my own land and travel trailer, already had a car, and just wanted to drive a motorcycle for fun. You're not really gonna save money by buying a motorcycle, simply because the engines dont last that long and you're definitely going to crash it. It's just a matter of when. And honestly if you Do ever crash it, and get injured, the moment you see your hospital bills you're gonna wish you just got a car.

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    They want to die before you, but having a motorcycle you have a good chance to die before them.

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    Look into rider training courses that provide bikes - and tell your parents you want to take one before buying a motorcycle.

    I've never actually taken one, but my dad did when we first moved to California, and he showed me everything they taught him.

    One of the first lessons was to pretend like you are invisible to other traffic - that way you won't be surprised when someone pulls out in front of you, eases into your lane, etc.

    After 30+ years of riding - and the advent of cellphones turning already distracted drivers into total zombies, I now pretend like people are *actively trying to hit me*, and it's not far from the truth.

    Now I'm not surprised when someone eases into oncoming traffic on a curve, suddenly comes across three lanes on the interstate and stands up on their brakes directly in front of me (for no perceivable reason) or sits in a right-hand turn lane at a green light and waits until it is red, my light is green, and I am across the intersection and directly in front of them before deciding to go.

    Good luck!

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    First, grow some balls. I bought my first bike at 17 without anyone's permission. Secondly, don't buy one. You sound like the kind of person who is going to die on a bike. After riding for 34 years, commuting for ten years, and having been hit by cars 4 times, go buy something safer. You are in no way prepared to ride a motorcycle. Truth. 

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    Seems to me like the bike you chose for a first bike was the wrong one for lots of reasons, and if you were my son I wouldn't be happy with that choice.

    At 17, I started on a 78cc scooter, went up to 150cc, then a 200cc motorbike, then 400cc, then 575cc , then 650cc , now 900cc cruiser which is the one I feel safest on.

    So I did all the thing of riding with no helmet, protective gear, riding in all weathers including snow.

    Things have got a lot more dangerous in 50 years I've been riding, due to other road users not looking, not paying attention.

    The only accident I had was when the car in front pulled into the lane I was in for turning right. I was lying on the ground with a broken leg and he was more interested taking pictures of the damage to his car.

    Driving a motorbike can be lots of fun, in the right climate and the right environment but car drivers are so much more intolerant and aggressive these days.

    If I were you, I would pitch for a different syle of bike.

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    anton.... WTF are you smoking? Hey kid... your 18 soon . Just wait till then.  

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    You Can't. My Daddy showed me newspaper clippings of gorey MC accidents until he died. .My brother still worries. 

    Plus an R3 is Totally wrong as a first bike. Try a 250cc Rebel. And, IDK what weather is in your locale. If cold, icy in winter; you NEED a cage.

    Not stereotyping but, kids your age seem to think they are "invulnerable". A 16 yo plastered himself on a Lincoln in my home town while doing 100 in a 35 zone  on an  Enduro. 

    Ive been riding off and on 22 years, I Still had a bad one  in June, and on a Harley, not near the performer of a Yammer. The R3 would Stop better, though.

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    You have almost everything wrong - fuel mileage is very bad, tires are very expensive, you won't have much time to ride if you are serious about being in college and you picked a crotch rocket -so all irresponsible behavior and logic. Any small car will get better fuel mileage, you can carry several suit cases AND 4 friends to split the fuel costs. 

    Just wait until you have set yourself up for success (college, good job, your own place etc) then you make the decision without your parents approval which will not happen while you are under their roof.

    Source(s): Motorcyclist for the last 40 years.
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    Motorcycles SUCK in bad weather. That's the only bad thing about them. They accelerate and BRAKE much faster than most cars. A good talking point. You're 17 so next year you can do what you want. What's the hurry? Buy a Mazda 3, which is quite good on gas and you can get them cheaper than Civics or Corollas and save up so you can buy your R3 and insure them both. When the weather is nice use the bike, when not use the car. I have a car, truck and a bike...but I'm old and have good credit and get pretty cheap insurance, multi-vehicle discounts. You are going to pay high insurance. Gas will be cheap for the near future, don't worry about that.

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    Never gonna happen.  You will have to do this on your own.  And by the way, I don't know not one cyclist that hasn't had an accident of some sort, so yeah, just so you know... Doesn't stop me from riding.

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