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.Spoiler alert. To all the WWF aka WWE fans. spoiler alert.  Do you really want to see ??

Spoiler Alert.

Since Roman beat Jey Uso.  You really interested seeing Roman vs the Rock.  I am sorry but I  not interested in seeing Roman vs the Rock all it will be Roman defeating him.  If the Rock were happen to win he would either forfeit it or lose is immediately to someone else.  Waste of time.  

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  • Too late, those of us who follow the internet and Social Media have known about this for weeks. No one will make you watch, we promise. There are thousands of other things you can be doing instead of watching that Wrestling Match.

  • Adam
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    1 month ago

    I am interested in seeing The Rock V Roman. It will be interesting to see what they can do together especially if Roman keeps the current story going. He's been brilliant so far. It should be a decent match and if Roman does go over, will be good to see what they do with him after.

    If WWE is sensible, they could really build something behind Roman. Really build a dominant heel champion and if they do it right, the babyface that eventually beats him will be made for life.

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