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Which countries have the most traditional and docile women?

I mean the countries where women are feminine, stay at home, obey their husbands and cook food.

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    YOU are a troll looking for a SLAVE to abuse....clean up your own cave and learn to cook your own food...

  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    Saudi Arabia has some of the most oppressive laws against women and even there 51.8% of university students are female. So this retrograde society you seek may no longer exist. 

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    Most countries 500 years ago.

  • what … you  think  you'll  marry  one … and  then  you'll  have  an  affair  with  another  woman … and  then  what?  you  need  to  be  born  in  their  village … it  will  then  be  certain  you  will  not  fool  around … because  your  life  is  at  stake.  get  a  life,  troll.

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  • liz
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    1 month ago

    Post this in either Travel or Dating.  Most users in YA! Are in the US and Europe.  Obeying husbands went out a long time ago, with other forms of blind acceptance. 

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    "Which countries have the most traditional and docile women?"

    This is hard to answer because traditional and docile don't necessarily go hand in had.  Many Asian women as well as Indian women are traditional but strong in character ... hardly docile. 

    On the other hand, affluent and educated, upper-middle class white women in America are some of the weakest and most dependent women in the world.  This appears to be a function of CLASS and not nation or race.  Have a look at this video regarding this issue:

    Youtube thumbnail


  • User
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    1 month ago

    I would guess: the strictest Muslim nations

    which are mostly to be found in

    the Middle East

    southern Asia

    and eastern Africa.

    The map on this page is probably a good guide:

    It's measuring ***percent of women in the workforce***.

    We see that my guess was largely correct

    but that I missed some areas - mainly northwestern African and south-central Europe

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    1 month ago

    i KNOW WHAT U R THINKING BUT they have less arousal , best bet is be man enough to get a normal woman 

    Source(s): i wouldnt mind a docile woman too but less exciting (asian women or a rare shy white woman)
  • Anonymous
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    you need a time machine son 1950 would do it.

  • 1 month ago

    By their own will, or against it? Nothing wrong with a house wife by choice.

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