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How much could lavender bubble bath effect my cat?

I had just recently taken a bath with lavender scented dr teal bubble bath, my cat who normally sits next to the tub whenever I do got some of the bath water on her nose. Shortly after getting out of the bath I had to clean up some of her throw up and her tummy has been noisy, prior to the bath she tried eating either a dust bunny or a short piece of string which I had thought could be the cause, but just in case I want to get other’s opinions. I have read that lavender is toxic to cats and certain things can be absorbed through the skin and cause problems, advice welcome

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    I wouldn't worry too much about lavender bubble bath. It's probably mostly artificial anyway and too many other ingredients for it to be super-immediate-death toxic. When they talk about certain things being toxic to cats, that usually means 100% pure undiluted oils and fragrances, for example, or the plant itself.  A little tiny drop on her nose wouldn't do anything, unless she was VERY allergic to it. 

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