I want to get involved in therapy dog work but don’t know where to start, where can I find information online?

I plan to adopt a shelter dog between 15 and 30 pounds.

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    First, you need to have a suitable dog. Most organizations require you have owned and lived with the dog for a minimum six months to a year before you can attempt to get them certified, and they generally require the dog be 18 months of age or older. So if you don't even have a dog yet, you're quite a ways out from being able to even sign up to be evaluated. The dog will need to be solidly obedience trained to even think about trying to have them evaluated.

    Then, you need to find out what organization(s) certify therapy animals in your area. Your local hospital or nursing homes likely can tell you what organizations they recognize and work with. Then you have to meet whatever the organization's requirements are to be registered and insured. Some do all their own testing, some require you to first pass the AKC CGC test. You'll have to pay a fee and be periodically re-evaluated. Once you know what group(s) are active in your area, you can find specific information on their websites.

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    Look up therapy dogs online and start sending emails.  Good luck !

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