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Are the French still embarrassed by their quick defeat and subsequent occupation during World War II?

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    Hitler threatened to flatten Paris, if the French didn't surrender, so they surrendered. The rear guard action was fought by the British 2nd Division and the French 1st Army. There were over 300,000 troops on the beach at Dunkirk, including two divisions of the French Army, most of whom were rescued by the British 'little ships'. Hitler also threatened to flatten London, but the Brits stopped him. The French tend not to talk it about it.

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    Not at all. The ones who escaped came back as the Free French and joined other armies to defeat the Germans. The French Resistance fighters were incredibly brave throughout the war. 

  • Rod
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    Not that I know of. It wasn't Frances military machine that led to there downfall in 1940.

    France had the biggest and most modern army in Europe at that time and really Hitler should never have been able to conquer France.

    Poor military tactics and incompetent officers were Frances problem.

    But to be fair France never wanted another war with Germany just like Britain didn't want one. The awful human carnage of world war one wasn't forgotten by France in 1939-40.

    No one in Europe expected a megalomaniac like Hitler to start another European war and Britain and France did everything to prevent one.

    The only thing France perhaps should be embarrassed about today is traitorous Vichy France supporting Hitler and the Nazis.

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    No they Know the Truth they defe4nded the British at Dunkirk when we Saved 340,000 from POW Camps

    the Reason for the Failure was the Generals and French High Command they Feared Telephones

    where with one Phone call we could have destroyed the Germany Army when it was in a Traffic Jam In Belgium

    Itwas 1940 in the French Belgium border. The German troops have assembled the largest mechanized force the world had seen.The plan to cross into France through the Ardennes region was a brilliant idea. Still, from a logistics point of view, it was a disaster.It created a 250 km long traffic built up in the area, and luckily the French never told the British. If the traffic jam were known, the course of World War II would have been different.

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    --  No, the French are not embarrassed by their quick defeat because the Germans went through Belgium to enter France.

    --  @Bray -- The British held out and America's greatest effort during WW-2 was not their troops, but the amount of material supplies they were able to send.

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    Frenchers are a stomach that marches on its army 

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    I doubt it. No country managed to resist the Nazis until the USA helped us later on.

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