Can we take the grammatical liberty of creating our own compound adjectives or only grammarians can do it?

If yes, can you give me some examples.

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    1 month ago
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    My books are full of temporary compound adjectives I make to address whatever I'm describing, and while I know grammar pretty well, I'm not some official sort of grammarian.

    I've got a draft open now. Let me fish out some compound adjectives at random.

    The orange blob is a good-sized tent...

    He leaves for in-person meetings in the city...

    ...the eat-in kitchen...

    A peek out the kitchen window shows his Cheryl-facing chair empty...

    ...a pleasant white-noise sound like rice endlessly pouring into a canister.

    ...wind-driven rain whipping my hair and clothes...

    ...wind sends the half-emptied tub tumbling.

    That's just the first 10 pages and I left out Blu-ray and T-shirt and quite a few that make no sense without a good bit of context.

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