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will the great reset happen?

in the times we live in now, they are talking about ' the great reset' - im not to sure what it means, but i interpret it to mean a reconstruction of the present world order...and build a new system and new world order.

but the problem is; i am happy with the present world order, i am secure and okay with democracy and capitalism, they way things are at the moment i am secure and happy with.....i don't want them to overturn the system and change it, for a new alien system or new world system.....i would feel very angry and worried if they did that.

does anyone know what is likely to happen in these times now?

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  • Yes, the Jews have been planning a New World Order for a century.  Covid-19 could be part of their plan.

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    2030   (estimated)    . Moving toward one world government which controls and monitors human activities and behaviour on a global scale through hitech and nano technologgy. The changes and developments we are witnessing now (and will see in the short-term  future) are all leading up to and contributing to the 2030 reset. International organisations such as the WHO , UNICEF etc are major players aside from individuals such as Rockerfellas, Rothchilds, Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos and their ilk    

    If you need an inkling of what it will feel and look like, I guess you could look at China but on a global scale with even further monitoring             

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