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Changing fork seals and clutch on a bike tell you about the previous owner?

I am planning to buy a kawasaki zx6r. The previous owner mentioned that the fork seals and clutch were recently changed and used original manufacturing parts. I was wondering what can these things tell me about the bike from these 2 maintenance record? The bike is 2011 and has 10 miles.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Fork seals can leak from age / dry rot

    A clutch should last the life of the bike. If it's been replaced, 

    then the bike has been beat bad.

    10 miles on the odometer in 9 years. The seller is a liar.

    Don't by this bike.


  • It tells me that the bike has been doing wheelies which puts a strain on the transmission; gearbox, clutch, chain and sprockets, plus the fork seals so check for a hooked rear sprocket because this is a telltale sign the bike has been abused. 

    If you can lift the chain of the sprockets it needs replacing along with the front and rear sprockets. 

    You should walk away from the deal if you have doubts because there are plenty more available.  

    The seller's attitude and age is a good indication as to whether the bike has been cared for so nonchalantly ask whether the bike is good for wheelies and ask about top speed. His response will tell you all you need to know and remember that 600cc race rep bikes get a hard life in the hands of youngsters, which is why you're better off getting a 1000cc bike from a mature owner, although I accept that insurance rates may be high.

    Source(s): UK family motorcycle business.
  • 4 weeks ago

    On such a bike it tells you to look elsewhere.  

  • 4 weeks ago

    Plenty of wheelies can show up in the form of leaky fork seals and a worn clutch. 

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    You mean,10 K miles?

    Fork seals go., Probably a matter of replace or oil on front brakes. My Honda went thru two  sets  in   10 years and 36K miles. Bugs get between forks and seal lips and ruin them, too.

    My  '83 Honda had original clutch   in 2020 and after  36K miles, when I sold her this Sept.  If your clutch only lasted 10k, sounds like it wasn't lubed or adjusted right  or abused.

    @ Barry:  "..oil seal; leaking Onto the clutch"  ? Kawis have Wet Clutches, anyway.  Impossible. Only  old BMWs or Gold Wings have this possibility.

    May as well tell me that  Trump is our "greatest president", yeah. .Or that Biden won't try to "take  away guns".

  • adam
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    4 weeks ago

    nothing tells you about the owner. Go look at it in person. INSPECT IT. Bring someone who knows what to look for if your not sure.

  • 4 weeks ago

    It can tell you they (at least claimed to have) changed the fork seals and clutch.

    I'm assuming you meant 10K miles - and it could be an indication  that they were horsing it around pretty good (and/or riding the clutch), and slamming on the brakes a lot (wearing out the shock seals as they were compressed over and over).

    Probably best to have someone who knows what they are looking at take a look at it for you.  Keep in mind a 2021 ZX6R is only about $11K, so before you hand them a stack of cash for an unknown quantity, you might consider looking at a newer one.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Ya gotta eyeball the bike, dude. No way I would buy a used 9-year-old bike sight unseen. Simple checks: are the front and rear sprockets hooked (worn)? Then it's got AT LEAST 20,000 miles on it. Whenya hold the bike up standing behind the rear wheel and move it side-to-side doya hear the swingarm clicking? Then them swingarm bearings are either worn or ain't been greased and adjustudinalized. You can eyeball them wear bars on them tires. New tires is 'bout $300 smackeroonies. You kin push-pull dem wheels side to side and feel loose wheel bearings. You kin look at dem disk brake pads and see if they need to be replaced with, like, a flashlight, dude. You kin gitcha a dial caliperizational tool and measure the thickness of dem disks. You kin look for leaks. You can ask for a printout of the maintenance history frum de shop whut dun did it. You kin ask the owner if he's got his own maintenance logbook and if he keeps his receipts for filters, etc. You kin push-pull on the steering head to feel if it's loosey-goosey. You can ask the owner to start the bike. No start = no sale / no excuses like "all it needs is a battery." Do all of the lights work? Panel? Brakes? Turn signals? Plate light? NRS = Not Rocket Science. NO DISASSEMBLY REQUIRED, DUDE. Why is it so obvious, but only to me?

  • CB
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    4 weeks ago

    Fork seals from age, clutch makes NO sense as they are wet clutches so it tells me someone set the odometer back or replaced the speedo/odo unit. 

    It is very hard on a bike to not be run - too many unknown/warning signs about that bike, I would pass. 

  • Barry
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    4 weeks ago

    Seals deteriorate with age. Maybe an oil seal was leaking onto the clutch? The mileage seems suspect. Did he just ride it around the block a few times? I don't trust that figure.

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