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True or False? Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful blue rays that comes from yoke smartphone & computer? ?

I'm asking t or f because I searched A Lot about it & I'm getting 2 types of answers. Some says " NO, because blue rays are very different than sunlight" other says " YES, it do protect eyes but opticians will say NO because they wanna sell you expensive blue rays coating it's just marketing strategy" 

What do you think is correct 


That's yoke was "YOUR" 😂 

Update 2:

That* sry I'm making a lot of mistakes because my head & eyes are hurting. Yesterday i broke my glasses so i Want more information before buying new 

Update 3:

Harmful rays do come from computer SCREEN. 

Update 4:

Google optician science channels Everyone tells it. Everyone knows it Barry. Blue rays do hurt eyes that's why if you use phone or pc too much your eyes will hurt & feel discomfort 

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    Blue light from your computer and phone will keep you awake and may affect your mood. In theory, they would also cause problems like macular degeneration and cataracts. However, exposure from the sun is many times greater than the exposure form your computer or phone. Sunglasses may filter out blue rays but they also filter out a lot of other light needed to see your computer comfortably. You may have a setting on your device that will minimize blue light exposure. Non-prescription blue light blockers are available for about the price of sunglasses. Transitions blocks blue light as well as changing into sunglasses outside.

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    There are no harmful rays from phones and computers. Whatever gave you that idea?

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