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Why do females in general seem much more mentally mature and sensible than males?


For example a lot of men will brag about x amount people they slept with whereas a lot of women will not because they're expected not to otherwise they get shamed.

Update 2:

Or how women take most of the responsibility at home even if they're working too 

Update 3:

And it always seems like the husband is the one that cheats in most marriages.

Update 4:

Men being politicians doesn't make them mature since most politicians are corrupt, greedy and selfish. Won't even care about feeding kids from poor households. A mature and also considerate politician would care. So when you talk about 'taking over', it doesn't really change my mind about women seeming more mature.

Update 5:

'Roughly 6% of the population has narcissistic personality disorder. Research over the years has shown that it is also more prevalent in men than in women — 7.7% vs 4.8%.'

Update 6:

'Women’s brains are nearly four years younger than men’s, at least in how they burn fuel, according to scans performed by US researchers.

Scientists found that healthy women have a “metabolic brain age” that is persistently younger than men’s of the same chronological age. The difference is apparent from early adulthood and remains into old age.

Update 7:

The finding suggests that changes in how the brain uses energy over a person’s lifetime proceed more gradually in women than they do in men. While researchers are unsure of the medical consequences, it may help explain why women tend to stay mentally sharp for longer.'

Update 8:

When I say 'mature', I do not mean they're brains are literally older, but more the general attitude a lot of women have. A responsible/ sensible attitude.

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Update 11:

'No gender is more mentally mature than the other at any age. At the start of puberty, teenage girls start and finish physical maturity before males but in their brains, women are no less mature at any age.' 

That's what everyone would like to believe, including me. But that's not what I've seen, at least from personal experience. You do not have any evidence or quotes to back up your answer.

Update 12:

'not all females are more mature than men. Especially not that ugly fat walrus at my local pub!', Says the person who's obviously demonstrating a great example of maturity. Using words such as 'Walrus' is something a person with the mental age of a 12 year old would say. 

Update 13:

So what if she's Polish? Xenophobia is stupid.

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    1 month ago

    Honestly your right but when women go crazy it's worse then a man because men are just expected to go crazy but women aren't so when they do it really sucks especially when they abuse the fact that they don't common go crazy and use that against innocent men. It's easier being a innocent woman than an innocent man so why be innocent at all? If a mom or even a dad can ask his son if he got himself a woman yet can actually do that without any shame then why do you expect men to act any different? It's just how society and well evolution has made them. I mean I'm not saying that you are guilty nor women are guilty. Even other men expect other men to act crazy... after all that's why it's so accepted. my question is why do you expect anything else? It's only biologically logical that men would act crazier than women. Ever heard of "Men might have the brawn but women have the brains"? It's exactly this reason that men act stupider. They are expected to act like some stupid fantasy orc. To "Get a wife and have children" and that's what society no the world expects of them and that's what they try to do. that's what their hormones tell them to do. I know from a personal account of a women who became a man and took hormone increasing drugs that her temper increased, she became less patient, she looked for the simplest answer to everything and even lost some friends over it. Men are just created in such a way. Women were made to be the smarter, child caring, wife, while men where expected to be the hunters. It's why women are so much more patient and tend to brag alot less. Because they didn't have any real reason to brag back then. And well men bragged about their kills and about their wife and about tons of stuff. Because they had to be competitive or they would likely never improve. It's only logical that most men act such a way. Now does this excuse their behavior... Of course not. It's just an explanation. Now who knows? maybe I'm  wrong and someone else has the real information but this is just my logical opinion. Women have thing they are good at and so do men but both suck at certain things. Men are just not as mature because they aren't meant to be. how do you kill a saber tooth tiger when your "mature". Now you are entitled to your own opinion and honestly I'd love to hear it but i just wanted to give you something to chew on ok? Now let's have a great day today, I don't want to make anyone mad or anything. Have a great day.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It is not about sensible or non-sensible. It is about being a psychopath or a person who can feel real emotions. Women who are psychopath and women who can feel real emotions can have kids no matter what. Male persons can be a psychopath to breed women or they have emotions that correlate to having kids. 

    Some impulsive psychopath male persons are described as not being sensible but that is not true. They are just impulsive psychopaths because their male ancestors genetically benefited from being impulsive psychopaths.

  • 1 month ago

    You are generalizing and comparing females and males who behave in a manner that is considered abnormal and/or inappropriate for their age, status, and education level.

  • 1 month ago

    Who knows why, but here's to 'em.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    are you SURE about that ? there is this really fat ugly disgusting pub bar maid who is Polish and lives in my local area and shes revolting and stinks.

    her best mate is a troubled douche bag with the an iq that rivals at best, a ducks,  and his idea of a good friend is someone who cries when a man keys his car up,  a man who he invites to drink!


    not all females are more mature than men.  Especially not that ugly fat walrus at my local pub!

  • 1 month ago

    Being of the weaker sex one generally have to be more smarter and aware...Humans are generally greedy and prone  to quick impulses.  Men have to be impulsive as they were always hunting.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    EDIT: lol stop updating, you’re embarrassing yourself and you’re probably about 15

    Hahaha another bored troll. So misinformed and uneducated. 

    Listing the most generic, old fashion example of all which isn’t even a thing with people over the age of 18 followed by your personal opinion that males are more unfaithful than females. Very convincing argument. Lot of effort. 

    No gender is more mentally mature than the other at any age. At the start of puberty, teenage girls start and finish physical maturity before males but in their brains, women are no less mature at any age. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    In the stark light of reality this question not only lacks any credibility but is sexist also.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I wish they would step up and take over. Why don’t they???

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