I'm really scared (IP Address)?

ok so i was on a game and i met this person and they told me to join their discord server and then i did, there were around 4-5 guys in the discord voice call and they started to harrass me and stuff. Then they said the N word and because that my boy friend is black i said they shouldnt be saying the N word (i accidently  said it because i wasnt thinking straight i was really angry). then they told me they were black and stuff and i felt horrible. all of a sudden they said they were recording everything and said they would black mail me and then one guy said what city i was from and then another dude was like 'dude you really look up her IP address?' and then i left the server and blocked the guy who told me to join. Sadly i had my real name and a photo of me on my discord.

Should i be really scared??? they know my city and maybe my address. I'm really really scared. Please someone tell me what im in big trouble im really freaking scared.

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  • Bill-M
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    4 weeks ago
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    Your IP address CAN NOT be traced back to your home address.

    If they even have your IP address and do try and trace it, as far as the trace will go is to your Internet Service Provider.  No further.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I'm very sorry to break this to you, but if someone knows your city and has your photo AND real name, yes they CAN trace you.

    They don't actually even need your IP address, you can be traced through facial recognition software, ALTHOUGH it is illegal to use except by government or other official sources, and only then if there is a valid reason.

    But there are shady creatures out there who wouldn't care about that.

    Take my advice for future online endeavours. NEVER post your picture, or your location EVER.

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