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I'm a girl who is into Astronomy. Is this weird? Do I have a chance at nasa? :)?

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    Congratulations. Astronomy can be a fascinating field of study and an enjoyable hobby.

    Most people consider astronomy and those who are into it to be weird because of the public perception of astronomy. Unfortunately astronomy is portrayed in the popular media as being a form of nutty professor theatre practised by people who are obsessed with space boogiemen and other genuinely weird ideas. When you get into astronomy further you will find that at the serious astronomy is another world entirely.

    nasa is in the business of building, launching and operating rockets. They have little to do with astronomy.

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    There have been many successful women astronomers going back at least to 17th century Sor Juana.  Considerably better known is Caroline Herschel.  But at NASA just Google Vera Rubin as a major example.  And it was a woman who discovered the volcanoes on Io.

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    You just need to be a good actor and obey their instructions at all times in order to make it look real as possible for us fools lol

    nobodys left the firmament around the globe,  we have not got that technology yet.

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    No, but you have a chance to watch your neighbors do weird stuff in detail.

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    I would imagine it's a plus as long as you have computer skills also. Only way to find out is go to their web site and put in an application.

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