Differing between good and mediocre automation test engineering job?

As a CS student who wants to develop as many skills as possible for further development skills, how can I differ between a good automation test engineering job and a mediocre one (for a career start)?

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Any automation system is just a control system so the testing begins at the various inputs to the main controller and the function of the controller and then its outputs back to what ever devices that are being controlled.


    You start with the various sensors. You check that they are the correct sensors for the application, check to see it the power supply is correct and functioning. Then you check the calibration of the device. 


    Next you check to see that the signal from the sensor reaches the controller. You then check the controller to see if it is functioning correctly. Most newer controllers are some form of a computer ranging from a micro processor to a fully capable programmable computer. 


    You check to see that the controller recognizes the various inputs and that the result of these imputes are correct. 


    Then you check the outputs of the controller to see that these signals back to any control device is correct and properly connected. The individual control devices need to be checked to see if they are correct, calibrated and powered. Finally you check to see if they function as required over their required range..

    Most automated systems also have a series of alarms and these need to be checked in a similar fashion. 

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