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How do you tell the difference between being insane about murder suicide versus the Jews suiciding at Massad because capture by the Romans ?

would be worse than death, or like the movie "On the Beach" where they took the pills so the radioactive cloud would not give them a worse death? They shared the poison pill with the baby? So you dearly tenderly love your children and pets and don't want to be insane and unnecessarily murder them and suicide versus you all suffering a far worse fate? How can you tell the difference?

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    Seems like you are explaining the difference very well.  It is the prospect of a long slow painful death vs a short quick and relatively painless one.

         Some might claim that all suicide might be the same choice, if we truly understood the pain that the person expected to endure for the rest of their natural life.  And the murder part would be if the person thought they were sparing that other person from enduring too much pain.  

         I expect the difference may be in the sanity vs insanity of the person.  This is not easy to determine.

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    When the Scammers running the Christian Business took over, they used Suicide to seize property or charge a fee "Indulgence".

    The difference is in the mind of the story teller (what the author needs for his/her plot), and readers.

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    There is no difference,though people would say there is hope.

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