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Goerge asked in Food & DrinkCooking & Recipes · 4 weeks ago

How has time benefitted you in the kitchen?

With the changing of the times our lives are usually directly affected for the better by new inventions or improvements on old tech. Why didn't they invent this a decade ago!? This ________ makes baking so much simpler! I love my ________, I couldn't cook without it. 

Personally I love my induction stovetop which allows for 1(coolest) - 10(hottest) adjustments but that's no different than numbers on a knob. The fact that it can also be set by temperature(100f - 460f) did change the way I deep fry and cook for the better. 

Should you also have some new tech that ended up collecting dust I'd like to hear about that too. As a cook/baker I'm always interested in making my time in the kitchen easier or more efficient. 

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  • IvaB
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    4 weeks ago

    Ok,I'll be "that guy" and add that hardware,while convenient,is less important than  experience gained over time.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I did some of my best personal development in cooking in the attic of a former 1920s Western saloon turned studio apartments. The gas stove had to be lit with a match, the kind you could carry into the wilderness. I had one plate, fork, knife, bowl for myself. The tiny grocery was a 5 mins walk away, as was everything else in that tiny town. In contrast I later moved in with a girlfriend at the time who had a huge house with a state of the art kitchen and every gadget you can think of. One funny moment was when she got used to me cooking for her and I began to find my identity and our relationship in that pattern. When she asked me to make her my vegan pizza, she found me almost in tears, sitting on the floor surrounded by pots and pans, devastated that I couldn't find a spoon or we were out of dill- or something.

    That's my cautionary tale of relying on stuff. We tend to get off on all the cool gadgets and stuff in recent years that we forgot how to feed the people we love, be it with foodstuffs or otherwise.

    Hand mixer. I miss the electric hand mixer the most because mixing manually with a wooden spoon feels like jacking off a giant in another dimension. I'd imagine every frontier maiden had one big right arm. If she were left-handed and mixed with it growing it strong, we would know she was a bride of the Devil and hanged her.

  • 4 weeks ago

    From the point of view of someone who started cooking over 50 years ago when there were no microwaves, when getting a handheld electric mixer was a big deal---now there was something that made a huge difference---when no one except rich people had kitchen gadgets........it hasn't benefited me a lot, really. Yes, I also have an induction stove and it's excellent, especially compared to the really cheap coil range I had before. Mine doesn't have temperature setting for the burners. That would be useful, as would a timer for the burners. It's fast, and the quick response is great, but then that's what people say who love their gas ranges. The easy clean-up is great, but since the top is black (only colour there was) and every speck shows up, I've spent more time wiping off that induction cooktop than I ever spent wiping off a white coil range.

    My microwave broke last year and I haven't replaced it. Maybe once a month, I might find one really useful, but there's nothing it could do that you can't do another way. My electric kettle broke too, and I'm not replacing that. The induction boils water just as fast. Gave up on blenders years ago.

    I'd say a food processor is the biggest convenience I know of in the kitchen. If you want something pureed, it saves a huge amount of time and energy. There are some things I wouldn't even bother making without a processor. I have a stand mixer and that is an excellent gadget. It doesn't actually do anything you can't do by hand, but at my age and with various physical limitations it turns a hard job into an easy one.

    And I wouldn't want to be without my microplane grater.

  • kswck2
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    4 weeks ago

    Aside from a sharp knife, about the only New things I use in my kitchen are a vegetable peeler(i feel sorry for the person that didn't patent it) and an immersion blender, oh and a microplaner. 

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  • Anton
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    4 weeks ago

    I have nothing in the kitchen that wasn't available 50 years ago.

    'Cept the Ninja Pro, but that is really just a minor improvement.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Things like the food processor, immersion blender, and the more recent 'Magic Bullet' are my favorite kitchen advancements. 

  • CB
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    4 weeks ago

    From 10 years ago nothing too interesting. I have purchased some things that were available 10 years ago that I like - quick read thermometer, laser thermometer come to mind. Alexa in the kitchen is helpful for setting timers (that are persistent), asking about how many tablespoons or cups in a whatever - most I know but like to double check, and for playing music. 

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