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Why did I gain so much weight in just 2 days ?

I gained around 2kg after starting my water detox diet 

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    --  If you mean drinking a lot of water in your "Water detox" diet, then the weight gain is fluid retained in your body. Eat less salt so that the salt in the body will nor assist in the fluid retention.

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    I do not know what you are taking (anyway so-called detox diets are useless) 

    But you should weigh yourself every 6 hours for the next 24 hours, if the weight gain stays steady or increases and/or if you have abdominal or ankle swelling you should have a medical check-up to rule-out kidney problems. 

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    High sodium intake can cause fluid retention, which is reflected on the scales. Without knowing what your "Water detox diet" consisted of, no one here can really say. You did NOT gain 2kg of fat in 2 days, so any weight changes were likely due to water weight fluctuations.

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