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How can I feel less awkward in conversations? ?

I have social anxiety and sometimes I feel so awkward talking and making conversation. What can I do to feel more comfortable talking and not as anxious? 

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    practice practice practice.. start with your siblings and friends; do some role play with them and ask them to be your audience at a public speech setting, to play the role of a boss, policeman, or someone you like.. you can re act some scenes from a movie or TV on your own, but having someone to role play with and put you into situations that you are not comfortable with, will help a lot.. 

    growing up, i was lucky to have friends who always acted some of their favourite tv and movie scenes and who were into dungeon and dragons D&D.. practice practice practice.. practice shall see you through..

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    "It's much easier to make friends by becoming interested in other people than by trying to make other people interested in you."

    - Dale Carnegie

    A best-seller for generations -

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    People only want to talk about themselves, so ask them questions and listen.

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