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New US Covid cases are spiking while the death rate has remained near all time lows. IS COVID becoming like the flu ?


Chewy... thanks for supporting my point 

The spikes started 6 weeks ago and there has been no corresponding change to death rates 

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    Covid-19 has actually ALWAYS BEEN this years strain of the flu. Have you ever wondered why there have been ZERO reported cases of the flu since Covid-19 was identified?

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    No, the death rate is much higher for COVID than for the flu.

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    When it started we had no idea how to treat it.  (Having idiot suggestions coming out of the White House did not help.).    As time went along we figured out treatment A does not work,   treatment B helps.   So more and more people are getting treatment B and we are having less people die.      

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    COVID-19 will go the way of most every other 'critter' that civilization has dealt with over the years.  Fatalities attributed to this virus have been very much exaggerated,  by the CDC's own admission.  Thousands of deaths are attributed to the seasonal flu annually.  I don't want to minimize the impact of any disease, but in my opinion, those who have pre-existing, compromising health issues, will always be more subject to more severe consequences, whether dealing with seasonal viruses or the latest.... COVID-19.

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    No.  It takes around 2 weeks for COVID-19 to kill a person.  Only idiots expect deaths to peak at the same time as new cases.

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