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Falling Roof Tile Physics?

A roof tile falls from rest from the top of a building. An observer inside the building notices that it takes 0.212293098415273 seconds for the tile to pass her window. The window has a height of 1.55 meters. How far above the top of this window is the roof?

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    That is an incredibly precise time measurement. Let's just assume it's only as good as the three significant digits of the window height measurement and use gravity to 3 s.d. as well.

    The average speed in the window view is 

    v(avg) = 1.55 / 0.212 = 7.31 m/s

    The speed at the top of the window is

    v = 7.31 - 9.81(0.212 / 2) = 6.27 m/s

    The tile will reach this velocity from rest in a distance of

    h = v²/2g = 6.27²/(2(9.81) = 2.0046... 2.00 m above the top of the window.

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