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My uncle's ex-wife had a father who set them up cause uncle's family was rich. Does this happen a lot and is it evil?

The couple had a very painful marriage and wife was only 18 when they married. Her father worked for my uncle's wealthy father and thus wanted to get the benefits of the marriage. The uncle's father-in-law called him "my retirement package" and my "meal plan". It was sick. The father-in-law was otherwise a great guy who I got to know and liked a lot. When he died I even went to the funeral. However. the money part I am wondering if this happens a lot and if it is evil? 


The couple had a long and painful marriage with 3 kids and when they separated the 5th time they called it off and finally divorced. Both are now alcoholics sadly. 

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    Ex FIL can introduce his daughter to a potential husband, but if they decide to date and marry (here in the USA) that's totally their business. He can't make or force them to marry.

    Do arranged marriages happen a lot? Not in the US. Do people stay married long after it's a good idea? All the time.   Do alcoholics make bad partners? Yes. Do people hide their alcoholism early on, and eventually abandon the cover-up? Absolutely. 

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    "Evil" is a question of morals and values.  No, "set up" marriages don't happen a lot anywhere but India.

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