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Why am I so bored that I can't keep up the work to reach my goals?

For example, I hate having extra weight but on a day to day basis, I'd rather eat unhealthy, fattening food than healthy food to lose weight. I'm not excited to lose weight.

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    Try healthy habits in small increments because no one is going to wake up the next morning and abruptly change the routine they are comfortable in. That takes a lot of patience and practice. Start reading up on healthy topics like exercising, eating healthy, proper body functioning as well as the things that could go wrong if you dont take care of your body's health. Read up on more healthy foods and what puts you in a better mood. Sugar really does make you feel bad just as much as salty foods, bad carbohydrates, excessive cholesterol and any unhealthy snack. 

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    The thing about junk food is that it brings our mood down - even if we're getting nutritious meals. Food with a lot of fat makes us sluggish. Food with lots of sugar gives us a sugar high followed by a lowering of the mood. The source for good info about this is Felice Jacka of Deakin University, president of the International Society for Nutrition Psychiatry. She has a book with the facts about nutrition and mental health. 

    Look for good flavors that are healthy. There's a natural sweetener called stevia with no calories and it tastes very good. In moderation, coffee and tea are healthy for most people. I would research this, because they're not good for everybody. Don't bother with bad coffee or bad tea. The good tea comes in the form of loose leaves and you should know how to brew it. 

    Don't be afraid of exercise. You don't have to be an athlete to get the mental and physical benefits of it. You can start with light exercise and gradually add to that, so long as you don't make yourself sick of exercise with too much and quit. Look for ways to enjoy exercise, like sports, swimming, and long walks with family and friends.

    Lots of good stress management info here -

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    I can offer a Mark Twain attributed bit of wisdom. 

    "The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not."

    You state in the question that this is true, and for most people, it is, including me. 

    I'm really a believer in moderation. Highly limiting certain foods and assuring extra vegetables and greens helps a lot in controlling weight. Even though bacon on chili cheese fries tastes great, that doesn't mean you can't limit it to once a month and less than a bowl full.

    It's difficult to lose weight in a short time period.

    I won't try to teach all of healthy food here, but a salad for lunch or dinner each day gets closer to human natural and helps a lot. Think about foods high in sugar-fat and starch-fat combinations. Those are the killers to cut back on. 

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