Iran is called Islamic Republic of. & Islam and even its constitution are very unimportant and always broken by the regime. Until when wait?

should not it be end of Islamic Republic? Islamic republic only talks nice and does nothing benefiting any people, not even for its own people. It is probably worst regime a rich country called Iran could have. Most of future problems for Iran will surely stem from some where from Arab lands. I think so really.. Let Govt be responsible. They are not responsible even in front of Islam or any other law. It is biggest problem of the country: The regime is enemy with its own people, but keep speaking nicely...

For example, Quran has no place in decision making, Even Hadiths are unimportant if top leadership oppose. Not only it, constitute is unimportant, and Lie is the common way to decide. All people see they lie and they continue it and people fear them.


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  • 4 weeks ago
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    If the Iranian constitution  calls it as Islamic Republic , non is eligible to object. They have their brand of Islam . Let the God decide their fate  in Here After instead of our proclamations against them. Saudis , their core enemy , issue Visa to them as Muslim for Hajj and Umra. They have their way and we have our path, say them Salam and Good bye if u dislike them and do not indulge in any conflict

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