Food Storage – Potatoes & Onions (raw)?

I was recently given bags of potatoes & onions.

I will utilize them but due to my lack of interest in cooking I think these will sit around for maybe a total of two months before being completely consumed.

They are in bags that have holes in them (seemingly to allow the potatoes & onions to ‘breathe’ though I may be wrong about this).


I am inclined to conceal them completely in plastic bags to prevent bugs from infiltrating them.

Will I run into a problem or is it perfectly fine to keep then stored this way?


If I spend an hour peeling all of the potatoes and I then place them in the fridge, raw, would this help in any way for preservation?


I’ll accept any suggestions – this is all new to me.


Thank you both for your answers.


I would have kept potatoes & onions mixed had I not read your answer.

They are probably five-pound bags.

Nothing shall go to waste – worst case scenario is that I give the potatoes to somebody. But I’m using all of the onions and utilizing the freezer option (not whole onions).

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    Do not store them in the same area.  Onions and potatoes if kept long in the same location will begin to rot. (One or the other, I forget what one, gives off a gas that will cause the other to spoil faster. 

    The potatoes should be stored in a cool dark place. 

    The onions can easily be cut and portioned out and kept in the freezer.  So dice some, cut some in larger chunks.  When you need them take them right from the freezer to the pan no need to thaw. 

    Don't worry about bugs.  They have little interest in potatoes or onions. (unless they start to spoil)

    Potatoes you can not freeze raw.  They get mushy. 

    If you can not use all that you have been given and do not have the freezer space for the onions I suggest you donate a bag or more to a local food pantry. 

    (you mentioned "bags" not sure how many bags of each you got and how large the bags are. 5 pound bags or 50 pound bags.)

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    Some ideas for freezing potatoes -

    Here is a good link about freezing onions - some smart information provided

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