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Why are TV series made in the UK usually mini series or limited series there are never 10-20 seasons long like you get in the US?

NCIS and Law and order being prime examples

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    There are plenty of long-running TV shows in the UK, but they aren't usually drama series because the writers of these tend to run out of ideas after a few years: however, unlike in the USA we don't flog a series to death a la X-Files. If a show is played out it generally gets concluded in some way because British audiences are usually not willing to watch repetitive shows.

    A few very long-running shows are:

    Coronation Street (soap opera): started 1961, still running

    EastEnders (soap opera): started 1985, still running

    Doctor Who (sf/drama): started 1963, still running although with a long hiatus between 1989-2005

    Some others are: 

    Dixon of Dock Green (police procedural): 1955-1976

    Brookside (soap): 1981-2003

    Grange Hill (children's drama/soap): 1978-2008

  • Because we manage to draw our series to a conclusion, while the Yanks run out of ideas and leave the series hanging in space, which was especially true with classic episodes of Star Trek, The Invaders, 'V' and other sci-fi series that were just cancelled without warning. There are many more presently being shown on the Horror channel and Forces TV that never found a satisfying ending. 

    Alias Smith and Jones was another cancelled show and my husband has the complete series.

    They never did get their pardon from the governor and go off into the sunset as free men with the girls of their dreams.

    That would have been a nice farewell to Hannibal Hayes and Kid Curry's criminal ways.

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    Because in the U.K., we know when a programme has run out of steam and don’t keep beating the life out of it.

    Except for Mrs Brown’s Boys.

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