Zodiac info on TAURUS female?

Im a female taurus id like to know more about it....from someone into astrology or pyschism ..not sure what sun rising means either..


Thank you 4 ur answer

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  • Janet
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    4 weeks ago
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    Your "zodiac Sign" is the Sign (not constellation) that Sun APPEARED to be moving through when you were born.  We call it your "Sun sign".

    You also have a Moon Sign, plus the 8 other planets of our Solar System, and they may not be in your Sun Sign at all.

    As for your Rising Sign, that is whatever Sign was literally rising over the eastern horizon at the MOMENT you were born, as seen from the longitude and latitude of where your were born on Earth.

    It is not a planet, so it is not part of your true nature.  It is just the superficial social mask of behaviors that you hide behind when you are in a social situation and not totally comfortable. As soon as you relax,  you drop that "act" of your Rising Sign.

    The degree of your Rising Sign is called your Ascendant, and it is the start (cusp) of your 1st House.

    Houses are areas of the sky, and the 12 zodiac signs are constantly moving across the sky.  

    Each of the 12 Houses represent different areas of life.

    The 10 "planets" represent different parts of your inner self, your inner needs.

    Certain distances between any 2 planets are called "aspects".  Stressful aspects between two planets indicate inner stress that makes it hard to act in ways that meet those needs.  Harmonious aspects indicate inner harmony between two needs, and each need helps the other get met.

    Signs are only the general style for how we pursue a particular need, and if the planet is badly aspected, we express the negative style of that sign. And if the planet is well aspeted, the positive style.

    YOUR birthchart is unique to you alone, based on the moment you were born and your location on EArth.  It has 40 to 50 factors in it, each affecting and altering each other, and no one factor describes you. It is the entire picture, and even that is just an influence on you .... we can outgrow and change from what our chart shows.

    Sun in Taurus only means that you express Taurus behaviors in an attempt to feel good about yourself. If your Sun is badly aspected, you express the negative traits of Taurus and it is difficult to learn to like yourself .. unless you change and grow.

    If your Sun is well aspected, you express the positive traits of Taurus and it is easy to learn to like yourself.

    But understand that everyone has all 12 Signs in their chart and therefore can express all 12 styles of behavior ... we just do it about differnt things, to different degrees ... as shown in our natal chart.

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