Why can't Phil (Collins) see what the rest of us saw from the beginning - that his 3rd ex-wife was just a gold digger.?

I find it really sad that he can't/couldn't find luv.   Perhaps this is just what happens when somebody is famous and loaded!?  So she's now gone off and married some toy boy and brought him into Phil's home, changed the locks and hired armed guards. He's now having to evict her.   She looks terrible too and should be suing the people who did that to her face!!


I can't give a FA yet - sorry.  I don't lose sleep over this but as a Phil/Genesis fan, it makes me sad to see what's (still) going on.

3 Answers

  • were  you  present  when  they  both  signed  the  premarital  agreement?  then  htf  do  you  understand  what's  really  happening?

  • 3 weeks ago

    This is what you stay awake at night and worry about? 

  • 3 weeks ago

    But he could see it! That's what he meant by "i can see it in the air tonight", can't u seeeee... He stayed with her cause he loved her dearly

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