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Hearing aid for seniors?

I decided to purchase some prestigious hearing aid for my grandfather as he is about to reach exactly 99 years of age and he cannot hear a single sound. so i plunged the aid into his ear and saw a strange occurence. he grabbed a drum set and started drumming, while his dog was walking on the treadmill. My father perfromed circumcission on a rodent in times square. After 59 hours of non stop drumming my grandaddy reached 999 bpm and his limbs got torn off his body, his limbs sent flying all across the room. He started yelling and yelling and yelling and the dog ran so fast the treadmill exploded and my ball sack appeared to be a cube sack so i quickly punched it, resulting in My brother's feces WOW what is that thing?

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    You masturbate to the oddest fantasies, including elder abuse:  "My father was in a store line but got impatient as an old man was tryign to count his change so he pushed him out and BARFED INTO THE CASHEIRS FACE. The cashier pushed the national emergency button. A triangular shaped ufo flew past the city, dispatching over 12,278 tanks on parachutes onto walmart. My dad knew he messed up, so he took out his 12 gauge autoloader and blew his brains out. As tanks drove into walmart, they realized that their target has successfully eliminated itself. So fireworks were shot into the sky. All of a sudden a tank slipped and fell into the hoover dam. My dad ejakulated..."

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