No confidence with women.. Went to a bar last night. Any help?!?

Im 26, i wouldnt say im desperate but im actively seeking to date. Not particularly looking for anything long term nor short term. Im a whatever happens happens kind of guy.

I feel when i was in my early 20s girls would smile at me more and i had more dates and was more successful in every category. Now, especially the last year or so, i havent been getting any attention from women. I feel invisible to them. No smiles, no glances, its so bad i feel i have a better chance at the lottery than getting a new girls number!! I honestly think it HAS to be my looks. Maybe im not attractive or cute as i once was 5 years ago. (Online dating never worked for me, not even back when i was 20). I rely on in-person interactions.

Went to a bar yesterday, and witnessed 3 extremely hot girls dancing and having a good time. Out of no where a group of 3 guys (all tall and VERY handsome, no homo) snatched them up. The girls were all over them. At about 1am, 2 of the 3 left, probably to hook up. 

I left the bar last night feeling like a useless waste of space. It HAS to be about looks. Ive been told i have a cool personality. I make decent money. But looks come 1st.  If i were to approached one of those girls last night i would have been ridiculed and rejected harshly.

After that experience i honestly dont wanna go to bars any longer but i feel thats my only shot at meeting someone without it being too awkward.


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  • Ricky
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    Rejection doesn't exist bro.  Girls don't reject guys cuz they don't look sexy or whatever. It's mostly cuz they ain't feeling comfortable in the moment.  It's really not about looks it's really about talking to them and knowing how to talk to them. I've seen some ugly fat dudes get some nice pieces of a ss so do you think it's really about looks ?. To gain skill in confidence you have to get practice and you need to start by getting rejected with girls and talking to tons of them. Maybe your a natural maybe you don't need to talk to them but that's where most guys need to start. Think of bars like tinder your in competition with hundreds of others guys. I mostly prefer meeting girls in the day cuz girls are friendlier but it's up to you man. Good luck 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I drink first and get i get the courage then, try it

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