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Why do deniers keep claiming that US fire acreage is not increasing?

The troll keeps posting a plot made using National Interagency Fire Center data going back to 1926, even though the Fire Center says "...the figures prior to 1983 should not be compared to later data." I made this plot just using data since 1983 it clearly shows the burned area increasing.


Anonymous, if you'd like to show proof of your claims, please do so, but considering you don't have the faintest idea who I am it's clear you know nothing about me or my jobs.

Update 2:

What you call the "NIFC chart" is not from NIFC--that is a lie. It's like the charts you use that you claim are "NOAA charts", but they're not, you just copy them from propaganda websites. Any intelligent person could check the accuracy of my chart by simply downloading the data and making their own, but I'm guessing that's beyond your capability.

Update 3:

Sure troll, I could easily download bad data and make graphs out of it, but I choose not to. I doubt that you could make a graph of your own whether with good data or bad data.  You don't seem to understand much about data analysis.

Update 4:

KLR (the troll) my source, NIFC, says not to do exactly what you’re doing.  

Update 5:

Everything in the troll's "Fact check" is a lie. I guess he thinks that "alternative facts" is a real concept.

Update 6:

There is a real problem when you claim to know things you don’t, like the uncertainty in old data. It’s possible that a technique might be used where area burned was estimated I’m 10 acre parcels, and if any part of the 10 acres was burned, the wile 10 acres was included. That would result in a gross overestimate. Disagree? Then tell us how it was done. What we do know is that since we’ve had consistent data keeping the amount has been increasing.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    if a lefty says there is more fire, then be assured there is less fire.

    we don't have a global warming problem

    we have a global lefty problem

  • 2 months ago

    Now all the sudden Dirac is a fire expert.  He just makes up 10 square feet being a whopping 10 acres. 

    I guess them rednecks in the old days didn't know how to measure.  They too stupid!  Maybe they ain't got no rulers back then!

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    if a lefty says there is more fire, then be assured there is less fire.

    we don't have a global warming problem

    we have a global lefty problem

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  • 3 months ago

    Your own source shows fires burned these years....

    1930  - 52,266,000 acres

    2919  - 4,664,364 acres

    Other numbers between 80 years ago and today are similar.

    So even if you have the hugest margin of error, the fires of today are nowhere near those of yesteryear.

    Conclusion: Fires have been greatly reduced.

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  • 3 months ago

    One reason you proceed with caution is because the NIFC also says the early figures were not "derived from the current situation reporting process."  

    They also say that "Beginning in 1966, when Arizona entered the Cooperative Forest Fire Control Program, statistics became available for all 50 States."

    So, the figures were probably even higher in the 1930s than recorded!  That's why you can't compare them!

    Also, you just made up that chart, so it might not be accurate.  Nevertheless, here is the NIFC chart versus your chart.

    You can see that fires have dropped significantly.

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