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Which year did it become illegal for jockey's to interfere with each other while on horseback and racing?

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    There's over 1001 Thoroughbred racing rules and regulations, so you may have to be more specific in an update! However, I will continue; Other than North America, racing jurisdictions around the world use Category 1 rules on interference that mandates a disqualification only if the horse who committed the foul gained from the interference. Penalties are severe for jockeys who commit a foul resulting in a disqualification: suspensions and fines which increase with repeated infractions.

    North America is in Category 2, which mandates disqualification only if the interference “in the opinion of the stewards” affected the order of finish or compromised the fouled horse’s chances of a better placing. Different language, terms and standards within those individual states’ rules make it even more confusing.

    Since January 1, 2019, North America is the only racing jurisdiction using Category 2.

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