Asthma attack emergency denied care!!! I could have died:(?

Hi there, I had an awful day yesterday. I woke up at 10 am with an asthma attack sharp chest pain, coughing, shortness of breathe. I called my Pcp and they told me to go to urgent care or Er. I went to urgent care but I didn’t go in a nurse called me by phone and she said they don’t do nebulizer treatment there and no other meds they could give me and that I should go to ER. I felt I was turned away. I decided not to go to ER because I didn’t want to risk covid exposure. I had about 4 asthma attacks used my inhalor 7 times yesterday. I felt I was gonna die I have depression and I accepted my faith if I died I died. Well I’m alive. Now that I think about it it doesn’t make sense that this nurse would have basically turned me away she isn’t even the doctor but I took what she said at face value! I did call my Pcp back after I was turned away from the urgent care and they never called. It’s saturday now should I go to a different urgent care? Symptoms are gone but I’m still worried. Maybe they could give me steroids or even prescribe a nebulizer for home use or other meds!!! Was the urgent care right to deny care? Should I go tomorrow? My asthma attack was really bad I don’t have any other symptoms and it came in suddenly I’m better now no more coughing or chest pain but that might change once I wake up tomorrow. I’m just so mad that I wasn’t given a chance to be treated, I felt I was going to legit die I couldn’t breathe


Hey guys I woke up today and feel better still. Ok, well I thought urgent cares could treat a vast majority of conditions that weren’t like trauma. They had the equipment but they can’t do it because they don’t have ave a containment room to prevent the air particles from escaping they said with covid going around it’s risky. I did call another urgent care but they didn’t answer and the ER said they had all patients waiting in the waiting room they weren’t doing anything different to protect pts

Update 2:

Also I’m not trolling my inhalor didn’t help my asthma attacks long term I still kept struggling to breathe... my Pcp didn’t want me to go to the office because I was coughing, I don’t have covid I am unemployed and been doing online groceries and have just been home all year :(  the coughing is gone and I feel ok just a bit of chest tightness. I understand I’m just shocked that they would turn people away but I know it’s also my responsibility for not going to the ER:/

Update 3:

Also I’m not a doctor but I googled what other asthma treatments there are and there are a lot anyways I’m alive and better now next time I’ll go to the the Er it was just an awful experience 

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    Was the urgent care right to deny care?.. YES.. because they told you that they lack the medicine to help you.. furthermore, you had the option to go to the emergency department ER.. as for Donnie's stupid advice to sue people willy nilly, he clearly have never sued anyone in his life; it would be far cheaper to seek medical help elsewhere and pay the extra charges..

    Maybe they could give you steroids?! WHAT?! are you a doctor?! do you think you know more than the people who run those clinics?!.. giving steroids in chest infection cases can be a DEATH SENTANCE; and yes i am a doctor (retired) and i have served in government emergency departments for decades.. `


    the first line of treating AEBA acute-exacerbation of Bronchial Asthma, is using the inhaler - when that fails, using a nebulizer with salbutamol.. when the attack is somewhat under control, the doctor only then listens for signs of lung infections (pneumonia).. steroids can make some cases of pneumonia worse, which is why doctors would order additional investigations like X ray, before making the drastic decision of using steroids.. `



    however, most AEBA cases, do not require steroids, antibiotics nor additional medications, but a referral to a local clinic (GP or family doctor's clinic).. my advice, if you are breathing relatively well and if you have the 'night symptoms' (of having coughs and chest tightness at night and early morning), then go and see a doctor at a local clinic (again a general practitioner GP or a Family doctor's clinic) that is under your insurance coverage (you may need to schedule an early appointment).. but if you are in distress and unable to catch your breaths, you can contact this "Urgent Care" (we do not have such destination in my country); and if they cannot receive you, then you need to go to the emergency room ER (or what we call A&E in my country) as recommended.. ` `


    as for the fear for COVID-19.. WEAR A MASK!!.. at least for few minutes when you leave the car into the emergency department.. i cannot speak about the status of emergency rooms ER in your country, but we actually know what we are doing.. we do have protocols to isolate you from other patients inside the emergency room.. to fear of catching COVID-19 by visiting the ER, is like being worried of being eaten alive by a tiger at the zoo.. trust me, in my ER where i used to serve, it is easy for us to protect you from COVID-19.. so go and seek proper help and all the best.. `



    ps.. my country is what other people describe it as a third world country.. and we have a universal health coverage except some items like non-essential plastic surgery..

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    you also fail at trolling

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    They told you they don’t have the ability to treat you there. If they don’t have the equipment or the drugs to treat your asthma attack, they’d be wasting time and potentially risking your life to try to treat you. I’m not sure what you expect from them. Urgent care cannot provide care for every condition. You should find a different urgent care that does have the ability to treat asthma in case you need to go again. No need to go if your symptoms are gone though. If you start feeling bad again, go to a different urgent care or go to the ER. 

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