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Should I do Physics at Uni if that is what I enjoy if there is no money in it (Australia)?

I enjoy Physics but am most likely going with Electrical Engineering as that is where the money is in my country. Thoughts?

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    When faced with decisions like this, I try to imagine how I would feel in (say) 10 or 20 years time for each of the different decisions.

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    With a physics degree you would likely work as an engineer. The Stem shortage is fake. Industry only cries out for engineers to get more H1B visa workers, don't believe the hype go to companies look around any engineering company how many engineers do you see over 40?  Not many, so there you go, If there were a shortage do you think companies could dump all the more experienced engineers?   What do you do after 40? Not a very long career huh?  Due to the endless flood of engineers from India and China,  I don't recommend an Engineering career to most people.  Also if you are male there is a shortage of females in engineering so you will be sidelined in favor of females more in more in the future.  The competition these days is endless political and fierce.  Do an advanced degree where you can use English skills like law school, it is difficult for foreign people to achieve this level of English.  If you don't want to spend that many years in school as a man do nursing they need more Men you are more likely to stay employed long term.

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    If you don't have money, you won't be able to do anything else you enjoy.  If you can get good job skills that will give you job security, do so. 

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    Are you nuts?  Here in the US, industries are crying for more physicists and engineers.   (Engineers are physicists or scientists who apply their scientific theory to real-life products.)

    They are among the highest-paid professionals, typically starting at about $90,000 (USD) right out of school!

    Source(s): I am a graduate of two STEM universities.
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    plenty of money in physics , the trouble is you have to travel over seas to get work .

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    I would suggest minoring in physics, if possible. That way, you still get to study it, and the additional experience in physics will be easily reflected on your résumé. Physics is a very difficult subject, and most employers know that. If you show experience and proficiency in physics, you will likely be recognized as an outstanding job candidate.

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    Go to a library and see if they have a Vocational Aptitude Test. Take it and find your strongest Field. This is the field you should steer toward. Do not go for money, go for job satisfaction and Joy. This is where you will be happiest working and be able to really dig into your career.

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    Do some type of engineering. That is?applied physics and there is often a higher salaries or wages unless you decide to go into academia. Getting a Ph.D. in engineering requires learning how to play the 3d mental chess games of university politics?where You are the pawn. Graduate school drives many people crazier than they already may be. 

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    You have said the most important thing. Physics is what you enjoy. If you enjoy something, then you are very likely to succeed with it.

    As it is a solid science degree there are plenty of opportunities out there for well-paid work. Physics and Maths degrees are much admired and sought after.

    Engineering will utilise a lot of Physics and Mathematics in a very real and applied sense.

    Go with what your heart is saying.


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    Well, you have to earn a living somehow. Electrical Engineering  is a great  field. Do that and go back to school later for physics.  

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