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Does Coal usage in developed countries like America and Australia cause pollution and deaths? Is there an alternative for coal?

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  • Aaron
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    6 days ago

    there will be alternative for coals ,but it's difficult for many countries to end dependence on coal , Coal is cheap ,and good choice for cash-strapped government,you may ask some African country will belch a large amount of carbon monoxide ,compared with other main consumer ,their emission still pale into insignificance  ,coal emits a large amount of carbon dioxide ,carbon monoxide,dust ,during combustion ,it is a vital to economic and social development of a country ,for most countries,50% of their electricity  is supplied by coal fired power plant ,in many countries ,they are thinking about replacing coal with natural gas ,shale oil,nuclear energy ,wind energy ,but these energy are still expensive ,it is hard for these energy to be used on the large scale in the world ,the cost of running nuclear plant ,wind plant is very high , as I said before ,coal will release a large amount of carbon dioxide ,carbon monoxide ,but some main coal consumer have a strict limit on emission of CO2,,what's more ,some western country and China still earnestly honor the Paris agreement ,in fact ,this Paris agreement still have a legally binding on many countries , I am convinced that By 2030 ,the CO2 emission will be less 50-65% from today's level ,and what's more ,in the US  ,Pulverized coal ash produced by Co2 will be treated specially and be translated into other use ,US  pay attention to environmental pollution issue ,and once enacted a clean act ,so from what I have discussed ,We will be increasingly less dependent on coal ,but Coal still play an important role in many field ,

  • OTTO
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    1 week ago

    There are always alternatives if people want to find them.

  • 2 months ago

    Electricity can be generated from natural gas or bio-gas from biodegradable waste, hydroelectric, concentrated solar units, floating solar. Metallurgy will need coking coal grade. China and India are currently the two main producers of coal.  Power consumption can be reduced and power has to be used frugally. If a country has abundant reserves of coal then obviously it should assess the techno-economic and environmental viability of a a project based on coal as raw-material. America and Australia also have good reserves of natural gas.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    Coal like any thing else that will burn can make toxic gases from incomplete combustion. When burnt in a modern power plant the main gas that comes out of the stack is carbon dioxide and it is fertilizer for plants. 

    Anything that burns can be used as an alternative but you need lots of whatever you use. Before they started using coal Europe had burned almost all of there trees.

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