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Are disks (e.g. SSDs) faster than CPUs?


I meant to ask if disks were SLOWER, not faster, but either way an answer will help.

Update 2:

I wasn't meaning to compare the two as equivalent. I was just trying to see which component, in a general sense, completes a task in a quicker fashion.

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    In general, the speed order is:  CPU fastest, particularly if multi-threaded.  Memory is next.  Then disk is slowest.  With an SSD the disk will be faster than a standard HDD, but because of the transfer overhead, the SSD is still effectively slower than RAM.

  • garry
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    2 months ago

    no , there slower , 

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    CPU processes operations and runs commands but SSD are storage devices to store the operating systems, appplications and user data in it. Though they are not old spinning storage devices, they are flash drives.

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    Both are different things and different areas.

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    That is like comparing apples and oranges

  • Fulano
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    It depends on what the computer is loading. If the data needs a lot of processing, like decompressing and sorting game data, the CPU can still be the bottleneck.

    Games with less compression could still max out the SSD because they weren't waiting on the CPU to sort the data as it loads.

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    To put it in proportion:

    The CPU in my machine can transfer around 800GB per second to & from its internal cache RAM, or 57GB per second to or from motherboard RAM.

    A decent SATA SSD can manage about 500MB per second; over 1000 times slower than the CPU internal data rate & 100 times slower than motherboard RAM.

    A PCIe SSD can be a few times faster than SATA, but still orders of magnitude slower than the CPU itself.

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    no. the CPU is faster and yes, it waits to receive data from the SSD

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    Bruh. They're not even the same thing. CPU process info and disk store and deliver info. u need both in a fast computer

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