How to remove an SD card from invalid list in Windows 10?

My SD card(micro SD actually) once had some issue and after keep plugging a few times, somehow it seems like my Windows 10 had marked it as a bad or invalid SD card permanently.

Right now the SD card is actually fine and when I plug it into another Windows 10 machine, it works fine.  But the same SD card using same SD card reader, when I put plug it into this one Windows 10 machine which had problem before, it continues to reject this SD card and keeps saying this SD card is bad or invalid.  In this same machine, when I plug in another SD card, it shows as it's fine.

So I am thinking somewhere in Windows 10, it's keeping track of bad/invalid SD cards or USB devices and this particular SD card ID is there.  Does anyone know what I might have to modify so that my Windows 10 machine no longer treats this SD card as a bad/invalid card?  I hate to use another computer whenever I need to access this particular SD card.

Thanks in advance.

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    Very good chance one of the pins is bent inside the reader. You would need to remove the module, open that part up, unbend the pins, and then reassemble, reinstall.

  • Lv 7
    2 months ago

    invalid means it is a corrupted file system. likely the other machine remembers how the FS looked before it was corrupted.

    try copying ALL your data off the card to the one computer, and then format it in the other. be sure you do a FULL format (not a quick one).

    then copy it all back and try again.

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