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130K USD salary in Washington is how much after taxes?

If my employer pays for health insurance then do they deduct from my gross pay or do I just pay the deductable and whatever the insurance doesn't cover when I go see the doctor?


The state of Washington, NOT D.C

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    Washington state does not have a state income tax, so nothing to worry about there - just federal taxes.

    Social Security tax is 6.2% = $8000

    and Medicare is 1.45% = $1900

    Federal income tax would be about $22,500/year if you are single with no children and no deductions. It would be less if you are married and/or have children.

    So altogether you'll pay the federal government about $32,400, leaving you with about $97,600 after-taxes.

    You will be in the 24% marginal rate, and it would be very wise to contribute money to pre-tax investment accounts such as your employer's 401k, a traditional IRA, or a Health Savings Account.

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    If they pay for your insurance, you do not pay for it.

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