what is the main problem inventors have with developing faster the light space ships?

it sure seems to be taking a long time, but im convinced the technology will eventually be created


Looking atvthese answers I see you guts are too hung up on Einsteins theory however new discoveries are made all the time which means science books are rewritten, just you waitvone day we will have lots of things people think are impossible I feel sad for close minded people who put all their eggs in Einstein s basket 

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  • Tom
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    2 months ago
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    SPEED!  brute force speed alone cannot exceed Light speed (c) This is due to relativity reasons involving time, etc.   Just like two cars on the highway side by side, traveling a constant 60 MPH there is no relative motion between them---We might imagine the 60mph constant speed as the absolute "speed" of TIME in a 4th dimension (the highway)   if one car Veers away (still at 60MPH)  then we will see RELATIVE movement between the cars.  How fast this movement is depends on the angle of veer.   You will also notice the other car (assuming you are one of the drivers)  sort of drops back a bit from you on the highway--even though the speed is the same----This is why we see Moving objects drop back in time in our real relativistic system.   At a given angle of veer, (180 degrees in this example) the  relative speed between the cars MAXES out at 120 MPH----So you can say 120 MPH is the fastest relative speed two cars doing 60 can experience.

    In the real world we are only aware of 3 Dimensions, but TIME is constantly moving everything at a set speed in a 4th dimension---so you can see that motion or speed is only relative for us in the 3D world.--and a function of time speed in another dimension we cannot sense.  Anything that MOVES relative to us does so because of a veer in its time angle (we cant see because we don't sense the 4th dimension)   So this means objects can move only so fast in our 3D universe---We cant change the speed of the time movement------So like the cars, Motion has a MAX SPEED LIMIT from our 3D POV---That is Light speed 186,200 or so Miles per second.   In reality the maximum veer of time angles is 90 degrees for c relative speed--as beyond this objects not only slow down and drop back in time and the observed objects goes BACKWARDS in time, beyond our reference plane.

    Since we cannot change the absolute speed of the time  We must use something OTHER than SPEED to get FTL---Some sort of Physics "Shortcut"---Like Warping space itself, or "resetting" particle attributes to match that of another part of space---Still beyond our technology.

  • david
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    2 months ago

    Speed isn't the problem. It's maneuverability including stopping. 

  • 2 months ago

    G Force. Now we can handle about 6 to 8 Gs In gforce, Now what will happen if we manage to take off at those speeds they do. Our brains will be squashed into the back of our heads, You are looking ta about, 60-80 , 250 G force, Instant death for us humans,

  • 2 months ago

    Technological development is the process of recognizing the laws of nature and using those laws to develop technologies with a predictable outcome.

    Technology does not and cannot supersede natural laws. You may not like the constraint on super luminous travel by massive objects imposed by Relativity however, the validity of that law is demonstrated everyday in particle accelerators.   

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Space is ridiculously dark out there and our headlights wouldn't work at that speed. The light would just dribble down the side of the hull.

  • 2 months ago

    The main problem is that there is nothing to invent here. For now.

    Your question is very typical of that confusion between science and technology.

    When something is impossible from a technological point of view, all it takes to make it possible is time and money, and inventors.

    Fastest car goes at 760 mph. That record is holding for a long time now. Yet, it will probably be broken one day. There is no scientific theory saying that this barrier can't be broken. It is just technology. Inventors just have to continue working, and, one day, ... (unless in the meantime we discover a scientific theory saying that 760 mph happens to be an absolute maximum. But for now, nothing says that).

    But light speed is something else. Science says there is no such thing as speed faster than light speed. Of course, science has been wrong before. But not as often as you think (no science ever said, contrarily to what is usually claimed in those conversations, that sound barrier could not be broken. Nor that train tunnel would kill people. Or that planes are impossible), firstly.

    And more importantly, yes, there were things that science once believed to be impossible that are now possible. But there are many many many more things that science once believed to be impossible... and are still impossible.

    Unlike technological barriers, there is no reason, a priori, to believe that we can go faster than light speed. Maybe I am wrong. But for now, nothing indicates that this impossibility is false. Situation is not at all comparable to making a plane flight, or flight faster than sound speed, or anything you are probably thinking of.

    So, yes, maybe (but "maybe" is the important word here. The most likely outcome is "or not") someday someone will discover that light speed is not a maximum after all. But you can't count on that. You can't count on the fact that science was wrong. It is not like counting on technological progress, inventions, etc. It is counting on the contrary on a set back. Again, any major invention you could name were not breaking any scientific rules. The one you are impatient to see would.

    Plus, no inventor are even trying. Because it just doesn't make sense.

    It is like if you were asking "what prevents inventors to invent brakes that allow car to run slower than immobility".

    It is not even that they can't figure out how to do that. They are not even trying, because the problem is that they can't figure out what would be that.

    Speed faster than light is the same as speed slower than immobility. For now, it doesn't even exist. Maybe one day, we will discover that we were wrong about that. That, there are, after all, speeds slower than immobility. And that day inventors will maybe start to search for a way to reach those speeds. But for now...

    Again, you are right to say that science has been wrong before (even if none of the examples people use to say so in such conversation are true). But you can't expect all science to be false and overturned. It would be very different than the classical expectation that any technological barrier are meant to be broken.

    There is a name for that: "frontier myth". The idea that if you try very hard, you can achieve anything. That is simply false.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It's a straightforward result of Special Relativity that if you can go faster than light, you can use that same technology to go backwards in time, or to send a message backwards in time.  This is not some weird side effect of relativity, it's pretty much central to observed phenomena in particle physics.

    That's a big problem.  It seems the Universe does not allow violations of causality.

    If you want to travel to the stars, your best hope is to upload your consciousness into a really smart, really reliable, self-repairing robot and go the long slow way.

  • 2 months ago

    Probably 15-20 years for theory to catch up, another 30 years for the engineering application.  So probably some time around 2070 (although I say 2037 in a couple of my SF stories)

  • 2 months ago

    The main problem building faster than light ships is that it is impossible. 

  • Jim
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    2 months ago

    It only takes 1 year to accelerate to 1c at 1g acceleration!

    The problem is the fuel (amongst other issues).

    You also need the fuel to decelerate!

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