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Why am i so bad at Math?

I always struggled at Math growing up and got poor grades. I still do. I always aced all my language exams like English and Hindi. I also did well at History. I do not know why i was poor at it. It's probably that my fundaments are poor and i approached the subject incorrectly or maybe the fact that i started hating and fearing the subject and started averting it rather than facing it head on. I heard that Philosophy is harder than Math because its abstract, nuanced and intricate. I found it to be a LOT easier than Math though. The concepts sure were complicated but i could gauge them better and quicker than any Math concept. My teacher in college said that i need to study intensively for 3-4 month to be on par with my peers who are far above me at Math at the moment. I did look up types of IQ on the internet and learned that there two types of IQ-fluid IQ and crystallised IQ. Crystallised IQ entails using past learnings to your present applications and fluid IQ refers to reasoning and solving problems quickly with ease. So does me being poor at Math has anything to do with lack of fluid IQ or is it just my the wrong way of approaching the subject.

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