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New mattress is too soft causing me backache, does it take time for it to breakin and feel comfortable?

Had it for 3 nights sleep and lower back feels sore afterwards, does it usually take longer than this for our bodies to get use to a new mattress? 

Or could it just be a poorly suited mattress?

(It has good reviews online)

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    It could be poorly suited.  Did you try it before buying?  I would never buy a mattress without lying on it first.  I bought one last year and looked at lots online and whilst most had great reviews, I looked at some of the not so good reviews and they varied from "too soft" to "too hard" to "too hot".  There was nothing wrong with the actual mattresses, but just some people did not get on with them.  I decided in the end to buy from somewhere I could try first which helped me make up my mind.  Check to see if there is a returns policy as many today are offering a "try for X days".

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    Call them up.  They will probably take it back.  The might want you to sleep on it a little bit longer.  Most people can determine in the store if a mattress is too hard, but not too soft without sleeping on it.  We have a relative who says she likes a firm mattress, yet sleeps on one of the softest mattresses there is, and loves it.  So, if is your impression of your comfort, not what someone says is firm or soft.

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