Why do people in their 20's choose very poor careers fully knowing that they will never be able to afford moving out on their own?

It is simply not possible to live a decent life on your own without a roommate making $12/hour part time. Especially in more expensive areas. For example, in my area, the cheapest available studio (0 bedroom) apartment is $1200 a month and its in the ghetto. So why do people choose careers that pay this low of money? My cousin's "dream" job is to be a fry cook so he works at Burger King 20 hours a week at 28 years old. He still lives at home with his parents and is still in debt even being supported by them.


And FYI 20 hours a week making $12 an hour nets to less than $1000 a month, below the poverty line

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    2 months ago

    Today's 20-year olds.........only want 'easy' jobs where they are not required to do much.  It's such a shame..............

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    Most parents dont know how to prepare kids for that transition and talk about moving out.

    Face it some parent never stop parenting and they love it.

    So his lack of motivation is all due to his parents.

    Kids should be saving at age 10, be talked to and guided towards a college and career.

    All kids know is taco bell, burger king...parents even cant suggest something better.

    I've worked 3 jobs in the 70s at $3.00 an hour to make it. Simply one lame job doesnt cut it.

    Get to college and get a degree. I hear you complaining about the daughter worked hard in college and had a 2 jobs. She received a full scholarship for a Ph.D in Education.  See if you want it bad enough you work harder.

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    Well i Live in Western oregon and I will tell you that good jobs are often hard to find and 1200 for an apartment is not uncommon here at all.

    the 28 year old who is working part time at burger king? Ok whats up with him? Is he retarded? Does he have felonies on his record?  Is he just not trying? did he graduate from high school?  whats the deal???

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    2 months ago

    I'm certainly glad to hear you have access to "rich careers" but that kind of opportunity simply isn't available to all people in all areas of the world.  Especially the "ghettos" of the world because nobody wants to do bidness in da ghetto.  They're afraid they'll be robbed by their desperate customers and employees (and let's face it they probably will be).

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    2 months ago

    They have no choice. Not everyone can have a job making $40 an hour ... and if they did, burgers would cost $25, so the poor would remain poor.  Do not judge your cousin.  A15/hr minimum wage will turn out to prove me right.

  • 2 months ago

    The trouble is that teachers and others tell kids that they HAVE to get a degree in the area they love - so we end up with ten thousand sound studio mixers and crime scene investigators every year for 100 jobs available.  You cannot have a good life unless you do something someone else doesn't want to do or something someone else can't do. 

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    2 months ago

    Who exactly do you expect to do all the poorly paid jobs that still need doing?  Maybe the problem is that those jobs used to pay more than the relative cost of living.  Not everyone CAN do the jobs that currently pay well even if they wanted to.  I sometimes employ a very nice guy as raw labor, and by nice I mean he'll drop anything to help a friend, rescues kittens, volunteers to mow the lawn for seniors.  He's also stupid as a sack of rocks.  Honestly, it hurts my brain to make instructions simple enough.  I've never met anybody dumber who wasn't in some sort of assisted living and yet you can't say there's anything wrong except for low IQ.  Not long after the first time I hired him I tried working out what his plans were because he was already a bit old to be at the bottom of the labor pile.  Dead end.  So, I asked him what his favorit job had been hoping for a lead.  "Working for a stonemason."  Dead silence.  I asked him why.  He told me because all he had to do was carry rocks and he'd even be told where to put them down exactly so nobody got mad.  Now, here's the thing, I think this man has a right to a dignified existence.  He's done more good than harm on this world but carry stuff from point A to point B is the limit he's comfortable with and to be honest, he can't stretch himself that much further.  I've worked with guys who can't read because dyslexia wasn't diagnosed at school and teachers gave up on them but they're crazy smart to compensate, this guy though doesn't have any hidden reserves.  Fifty years ago he'd still be relatively poor but he'd probably have found a life job sweeping a factory floor and paid his way - this society at the moment is struggling to give dignity to the less cognitive able.  

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    2 months ago

    I don't know about others, but I started low because I had just gone through college (UK college, not US college) studying astrophysics and swore that I never want to sit behind a desk ever again.

    So I went into retail.

    There in retail I found a passion in life. I absolutely love my job. I genuinely look forward to every day I go to work and I willingly work over 50 hours a week there.

    I started there as work experience, getting paid nothing and not even hired. 2 weeks and they hired me. A year and a half they promoted me to a key holder and a week later a trainee manager, 2 months later I was promoted to an assistant manager however I was left in charge of the store as we had not store manager and 6 months later I became a store manager.

    So I started as work experience and I'm not in charge of the keyholders that trained me as work experience. 

    Right now I'm 23 and still a store manager. One of the best in the company if I dare say so myself and I'm the youngest store manager the company's ever had.

    So that's why I picked a poor career. At first it was to get away from destroying my life by sitting behind a desk and doing a job that's mind numbingly boring. Then it turned into a passion and the job I have turned out to allow me to progress very quickly depending on capabilities. 

    Right now even though I'm not getting paid as much as I'd like, I LOVE my job. I'm not sure I'd even accept a promotion if offered to me, I love it that much.

    Now as for other people my age, I have no idea what keeps them in low jobs. To me everyone my age looks like an idiot even if they're getting paid more than me honestly. It sounds arrogant and it probably is, but it's how I feel. 

    In my experience, these are the things that are holding people my age back.

    - They're dumb. They just have nothing to offer. They've reached the peak of where they're going to go. It sucks, but that's the way life is.

    - They don't have the right attitude. This is probably the biggest factor for people my age. They're intelligent and can do the job. But their attitude just isn't up to par. They need to be eager to work, a positive influence on people around them, open to learning new things, quick to adapt to situations and they need to care about the things that they're doing. 

    I have never met someone else my age that has had this kind of attitude and I would say that it's my attitude that got my promoted so quickly. It's absolutely vital to have a good attitude towards work, but people my age don't have it in them.

    - They have no backbone. I've hired someone like this and she still works for me. She's brilliant. Really. She has a pretty reasonable attitude to work, she's very clever and she works hard. She has it in her to be getting paid more or even get a promotion. But she hasn't asked me for a pay rise (And I'm not nice enough to hand it to her without her asking, budget is tight enough as it is) and I don't have enough need for an assistant manager nor a budget for it to promote her.

    Really if I were her, I'd have asked for a payrise long ago. She's definitely worth the money. And if I were her and felt like I really deserved a promotion to assistant manager but my manager couldn't give it to me, I would've gone to a different company and applied for assistant manager jobs.

    But she's really just too nice. She's not got it in her to ask for a payrise or jump over to a different job for better money. It's a shame.

    So that's why I personally picked a low career start and why I think young people stay in low paid jobs.

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    2 months ago

    Because some people invest the minimum amount of effort to get the minimum amount of reward.

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    2 months ago

    Everyone cannot get great grades and a 4 year degree.  And even with a degree you have a lot of people heavily in debt and they still can't get a good job.

    I was simply nowhere near mature enough in high school to get good grades. Sue me.

    But I was able to take a minimum wage part time job and parlay it to assistant manager and later store manager with work ethic.

    By the way, I later started my own business at 25 and retired before 40 so its not like Im living in a homeless shelter.

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