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Have liberals begun their war on Christmas?

Liberals don't want Americans to go to church and meet with families.

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  • 1 week ago

    Can you get veterans benefits if you get a paper cut from wrapping paper.

  • 1 week ago

    Oh boy, extreme veiws aren't the answer. It's not hard Christmas isn't being attacked. Christians aren't being attacked. No one is being attacked. I would rather take my chances being with my family over a pandemic that won't affect me anyway. Not being selfish but I'm pretty much Anti-Social and I don't hang out with older people.

  • 1 week ago

    They attack Christians because we have allowed the squeaky wheel to get all of the oil. We are finally standing together to resist. The majority of Americans believe in God we should have never allowed them to take prayers, the pledge of allegiance out of our schools and courthouses  and allowed them to take our freedom of speech to mention God’s name People have the capability and the ability to avert their eyes or ears or to step aside if they don’t want t to participate. I don’t agree with anyone kneeling but I support their right to do so. Guess what I do?  I ignore it I avert my eyes. And watch the game or I turn the channel and choose not to support a team or that person. President Trump has proven that one person can move mountains one person standing up for America with all of the hate against him. Just imagine what all of us together can move? Why would anyone endure this if they didn’t love America? I just let democrats call him and his supporters what  they want they’re just words they don’t mean a thing unless we allow them to and contrary to liberal ideology words and hurt feelings AREN’T violent. Physical action ARE violence. If we allow them to continue to let them to take God out of existence we have no one to blame except ourselves we CAN stand together. Trump welcomed Christ, the American flag and Merry Christmas back to America  are we really going to let democrats erase them again? I sincerely hope not. Just imagine what 4 more years will accomplish for Patriotic Christian Americans !!!!!  No matter who is elected we must stand together without violence and temper tantrum’s violence is the democrats pathetic defense our defense should and can be truth and justice by just standing together arm in arm with the American flag saying the pledge of allegiance I said earlier we have the capability and the ability to ignore them and avert our eyes. We have every right to defend ourselves but we support and trust law enforcement let them handle violence. Let’s choose to be different from mobs who think that burning, looting and destruction of public and private property  is justified and their right thinking that is the civilized way. Let’s show them how to conduct civil stances 

  • Liz
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    1 week ago

    I am more liberal than the US Democratic Party. I live in Canada and your Vice President elect Harris political views are similar to the Conservative party of Canada (our right wing party). 

    I am also a Christian and love Christmas. I want nothing more then to see my family and friends, go to Christmas parades and spend advent and Christmas Eve at church and wish the same for everyone who is celebrating Christmas or any other holiday like Diwali, Kwanza, Chinese New Year or Hanukkah, but I care too much about my family and community to possibly spread covid-19. It sucks, but I care about the greater good, my community’s safety and health. 

    I do this so we have safer holidays in the future. 

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  • 1 week ago

    I thought Bill O'Reilly no longer worked at Fox. 

  • 2 weeks ago

    Sadly it is christians in name only that are destroying Christmas. The coronavirus is a blessing in disguise helping Christmas poor in spirit.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    At our weekly Athiest meeting (now on Zoom) Satan unmuted and said that we should not begin the War on Christmas until after Thanksgiving, that it's far too exhausting to have the War last more than four weeks, especially when we still need to consolidate the gains from Hallowe'en, and then have a little vacation time.  He said we'll never have a vacation for all of Eternity once He's our boss in the Afterlife.  We didn't know what He meant by that since we Athiests don't believe in an Afterlife.

  • 2 weeks ago

    I don't care about their myth and fantasies. Covid is still running rampant and getting together like that is totally absurd

  • Buzz
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    2 weeks ago

    Oh really. How incredibly interesting 😋

  • Cousin
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    2 weeks ago

    You make a funny little devil, Anonymous. Abrogating to yourselves Christmas and, at once thereby, Christianity and Christ. The only time you ever claim Him, lying, anonymously. You don't know Him and He won't know you. There's nothing of nobility or of boldness in the tenor of your question, in the habitual lying which henceforth characterises you so innately that your mendacity has grown irradicable. We trust in Christ and have faith that we may welcome the Stranger among us in our land not only with God's blessing but at His command. Obeying His express command, what else can we do. We believe in the Letters in Red and trust the lesson of the Good Samaritan. We take the Samaritan into account when we vote and legislate. As a Liberal I am actually supposed to be your brother and Jesus tells me to be as innocent as a dove and as wise . . . , like unto the Little Children; and that, for how I treat YOU I shall account to Him. For the Lamb returns and asks each soul how did he treat his brother, for as ye do to the least among you ye do also unto Me. You don't see a brother in the eyes of others. You don't see the Lamb. You don't LOOK for the Lamb, for God in the eyes of other men. For, when you see Him there, ye scowl. The Lamb, Jesus Christ, will judge you and ask you how you treated me. You will tell the Lamb the Truth too. It'll be one time you don't lie. You shan't have treated me well. The blood of saints, of innocent people shot in shopping malls like Texas and synagogues like Pittsburgh and Pacifica, in Mother Emmanuel in Charleston by Dylan Roof all blood ye share who dip your hands in it by praising the assassins. Blood on your heads ye who howl and cry out for the blood of the Saints. Ye be damned. You're afraid of Black people because you know how you treated them. And the Second is like unto it: LOVE thy neighbour as yourself.

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