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Anyone else a bit nervous about this new COVID vaccine?

Of course I want this pandemic to end, but this vaccine coming out so fast is making me a bit nervous. I can’t really describe why, but I feel like the “95%” effective can be a bit bended in the media. Do you believe the world will be back to normal next year because of this vaccine that’s possibly coming out in December? If the FDA approves it, will people go crazy and run out forgetting that they weren’t vaccinated yet?

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    They are quite a few vaccines  that are now slowly being accepted for use.  The Russian one Sputnik has been in use for sometime and is now being used in another country in Europe, it has hit no problems,  The German Pfizer one looks like it will start being rolled out  in December, because it has to be kept at very low temperatures can only be used in countries that can  facilitate that,  The Moderna one  also looks as though that will start being rolled out in December,  but that one is very expensive, in other words the companies concerned are being greedy.  The Oxford one is the cheapest and can be kept in normal fridge temperatures, so would be good for poorer countries.  All these vaccines have done human trials  around the world in many countries testing  on people from different races  so they are all safe, as they have all had to do what is required for all new drugs and vaccines, it might seem its too quick but all these labs  etc have stopped doing other  things  like looking for cures for cancer,  looking for new antibiotics amongst other things.  People need to have the vaccine when offered so that the world can get back to normal, and the drug companies and labs can go back to looking for cures to illnesses which are at present incurable 

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    it is a crime against humanity

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    When these pharmas had successfully made vaccines, a scientist explain how the vaccine works, which was kind of reassuring. The pictures they show of the virus with the gray ball with red tentacles on it. The gray thing represents a cell, and the red tentacles is the virus. The vaccines (as it was explained) prevents covid from attaching itself to the cells. That information eases some apprehension for me. 

    Also some who went through covid & recovered had residual aches & pains, and a Doctor attributed that to a still, highly active immune system (from fighting off the virus), needs time to settle. Apparently people who went through residual discomfort, eventually recovered, once the highly active immune system did settles down.

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    Don't believe anything the govt says about this vaccine. It's been in the works for decades, will contain nano particles which will, in a sense turn our bodies into antennas to collect data.

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation  this year applied for a patent (number 060606 look it up) to use the data that will be harvested by nanocrystalline particles (nanobots) that will collect ALL your biometric data (hr, bp, temp, vaccination status, if you've had sex, what drugs you're taking, who you're with. 

    It will also turn our bodies into literal antennas on the 5g network. 

    I get this info from several sources. But one of the most outspoken is probably the worlds most famous OB/ GYNdoctor, Dr Christine Northrupp. 

    It's all true, all verifiable and all dangerous. 


    Source(s): Dr Christine Northrupp
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    There is no way that I would take the vaccine right now.

    Yes, I believe the world will be back to normal at this time next year either from long term immunity from the illness or from treatment therapies from the illness.

    With the Pfizer vaccine

    - the logistics of it are pretty difficult to maintain.  It has to be stored in -75C temperatures.  Has "spoiled" doses (doses that weren't properly maintained) been studied.  I doubt it since the drug is so fast to market.  The Moderna vaccine does not have this requirement

    Both Pfizer & Moderna vaccine

    - we have no idea how long immunity lasts.  The longest person to receive the drug is 3 months.  Are the vaccine companies using only IgG & IgM antibody markers to determine immunity?  Or are they also placing people around individuals with covid?

    - Both drugs require two doses.  Both doses make you sick.

    Let's see -- I can get covid.  It's possible that I will have complications but I don't fit in a lot of the high risk categories.  I've had relatives in very high risk categorieS (not one risk factor, one had about 5) who had covid and it was like a bad cold.  It provides at least 8 months immunity.

    = or I can take a vaccine that might give me a little bit of immunity but make me sick twice in 3 months = I don't see the benefit.

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    No, I'm more nervous about the THOUSANDS, or possibly millions, of people who are going to die if we DON'T get vaccinated and the virus continues to spread and kill people. I'm getting vaccinated as soon as it will be available to me! Trust me, you'd be more at risk by NOT getting vaccinated and getting infected by this disease!

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    The science used to develop this vaccine is pretty safe. The tecnology it has been used has been developed for almost 40 years (particularly the one w the RNA thing). 

    I think your nervousness is disinformation. Contrary to what people think, it took years to develop vaccines in the past because usually only a few small groups of scientists would work on them, also lacking funding because vaccines in general don't profit as much as the developing of other drugs, so it takes a lot to convince institutions to provide the funding enough for research.

    With covid 19 though, there are A LOT of resources used to develop a vaccine, the amount of resources we are investing in the developing of a vaccine doesn't have a precedent in human history, not just from the financial point of view, but with the amount of researchers that are working on it. It's not just one team but quite a few ones, all over the world, working on it, sharing data, trying to come together to develop one. 

    There's a huge urgency in developing one because all the economies that are tanking and the lives that are being lost bc of it, it's not developing a vaccine but a safe one, like w ANY vaccine. It'd be equally disastrous to release one that hasn't been tested enough, so I'm not particularly worried about it. 

    The one developed by pfizer has been tested in more than 40K people,  that's a pretty big sample and has been tested in many countries, for example. 

    Personally I think that the vaccine alone won't be enough to get rid off covid 19 in the first months people get vaccinated, but that's a whole different conversation. A vaccine is a pretty good start, especially to protect people who are particularly vulnerable to the virus (elders, sick people, kids)

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    first of all.. people should listen to doctors, scientists and experts.. you should always listen to public health announcements in your country/state/county over some random thoughts over the internet and mainstream media who are more motivated to promote sensation over facts..

    no.. i am not worried.. i would take the vaccine because people had spent months testing its safety on 10s of thousands of volunteers.. volunteer who risked their health and safety to give you a safe product, that you (without any shred of proof) is doubting as if their bravery and sacrifice were for nothing.. they should be commended by trusting the result of their efforts.... i remember people are shouting 'when the vaccine would be available?', now that we are almost there, suddenly you doubt its safety?!the first COVID-19 vaccines were made in February - it was soon after the Chinese had provided and published the genetic make-up of the Novel Coronavirus (later named SARS-CoV-2 and most people know it as the COVID-19 coronavirus in late January 2020).. this is because COVID-19 coronavirus (better known as SARS-CoV-2) shares similar genetic make-up of SARS coronavirus (the original SARS-CoV) that had terrorized much of Asia in mid 2000s to mid 2010s; and also of the MERS coronavirus that had terrorized the Middle East in mid 2010s..our first COVID-19 vaccines were originally SARS mRNA vaccines and MERS core DNA vaccine - and we had those since February.. but scientists are careful by nature, they cannot release a medicine or a vaccine until they iron out all the kinks and had identified all potential problems associated with a new vaccine to a new these early COVID-19 vaccines went through animal trials, and through all the 3 stages of human trials.. starting with a small sample of volunteers to tens of thousands of volunteers from all over the world.. you may have heard about 'solidarity trials' by the WHO to test COVID-19 vaccines and treatment with more than 140 countries taking part of the trial (including the United States which would officially withdraw from the WHY by July 2021 unless president Biden reverse the decision to withdraw from the WHO)..there are at least 51 different COVID-19 vaccines being developed right now (some say 90 or 120, idk), the leading top 6 vaccines are AstraZeneca's vaccine, Maderna's, Pfizer's and 3 Chinese vaccines from 2 different Chinese firms Sinovac and Sinopharm.. they are ahead in the final 3rd stage of Human Trials (Stage III) that they have started since April and May 2020, and should conclude by the first quarter of 2021 (hopefully sooner).. also.. Canada, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Japan and India are making their own COVID-19 vaccine (that are different and fully independent from Big pharma).. in Thailand, they are making a vaccine from Tobacco leaves and they expect to produce its own COVID-19 vaccine in 2022 (Bangkok News); and in Quebec, they are making a COVID-19 vaccine from certain water-plants (Wikipedia)..the competition is fierce; to sell the best and the safest COVID-19 vaccine.. but they are careful enough to experiment the vaccine with tens of thousands of volunteers under strict hospital/doctors strict supervision.. and last month, AstraZeneca hit its first major set-back when one volunteer among thousands of volunteers, had developed Transverse Myelitis - a very rare but treatable complication..the Swedish-British had spent months and millions of dollars to test its safety since February; and they were hailed for their transparency and for coming forward about the potential complication of their vaccine.. these companies often publish regular papers about their vaccines.. so did Maderna and Pfizer.. i have read AstraZeneca's papers over the months (because my country has already invested millions into their vaccines)..`

    last September, Russia claimed that they have 2 COVID-19 vaccines ready for general use.. if you live in Russia, you can get vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine today.. but the 2 Russian vaccines were backed-up with poor quality papers and few evidence to their safety - they basically took shortcuts in producing their 2 COVID-19 vaccines: Gam-COVID-Vac (or better known as 'Sputnik-V' or Sputnik-5) from Gamaleya institute.. and EpiVakKorona from the Vector State Research Centre..the WHO and some Russian scientists had asked Russia to bring back those 2 vaccines back to StageIII of Human trials that they have obviously had skipped.. the Russian vaccines simply did not have the number of volunteers to prove the 2 vaccines safety for general use.. this is why people are doubting the Russian COVID-19 vaccines..i mentioned the top 6 COVID-19 vaccines but there are more on the way.. they are different and many more are coming out.. you can checkout the list of COVID-19 vaccines that are currently under human trials - many of them under the Solidarity trials by the WHO at

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    Just about EVERYONE. 

    No, hopefully normal never happens again.    Normal is what allowed the Great Orange Travesty to try to turn the USA into North Korea. 

    It's going to take some time to recover. 

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    Yep. Blocks ACE receptor. That is pretty essential for blood pressure etc...

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