Is it wrong to say colonisation helped uplift some people?

They’ve educated, brought technology and values to primitive people.

The Australian aboriginals were Hunter gatherers before the Europeans arrived. 

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    2 months ago
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    No it's not wrong. It's fact. People want to pretend the colonization era was all bad. That perception is a myth, and for whatever reason people want to cling on to that myth. More good (especially long-term good) has come out of colonization than bad has. Colonization is just another way of saying creating settlements, but it has a lot more negative connotation to it. Before Europeans created these settlements, people in most of the Americas, in Australia, in sub-Sahara Africa, and in the Pacific islands were Hunter gatherers and lived primitively. Now they have a higher standard of living, technology, cars, medicine, etc all thanks to the white man. 

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     People who believe that they are superior to other races tend to do more harm than good to those people. Saying anything positive about colonialism is honestly bad because colonials didn't just move to the country, they moved and then massacred the people there (mexico) killed them,gave them diseases to control the population and forced them to live in one small reservation (america), came up with the idea of taking all the children away from their families and marrying them to white people so there'd be no pure natives left (australia), excetera, And they did thisregardless of advanced civilisation or a hunter gatherer lifestyle.

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    Please remember that Australia was colonized by criminals, and the US was colonized by Christians. Christians gave Native Americans blankets contaminated with smallpox, to reduce the native population. I think it's wrong to say colonization helped uplift most or all native people.

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    And when the English did arrive in Australia they set about committing genocide on the indigenous population.  The worst thing that could happen to any indigenous group was European colonisation.  

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  • 2 months ago

    Some people, yes. To others, they destroyed already existing civilisations like in India. India was known for its wealth. Columbus was looking for India. 

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