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What would have happened if oceanic crust is not destroyed in trenches, but formation of new crust goes on along mid-ocean ridges?


i need your answer for my essay thanks :>>

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    Think about it for a while.  There are several possibilities. It depends on how the crust would make room for the new stuff when the crust isn't leaving, or if the refusal to leave by older crust would simply stop the formation of new crust via spreading.

    Either way, the crust would have to be squished or folded or shattered into piles, and protrude deeper into the earth, where it would take up the space left behind by the extrusion of magmas at the surface along the MOR.

    There is a finite mass, so if there is no mass recycling, one part decreases in mass, and thus also in volume as it loses stuff to the outside, and the other must increase in mass and volume as it gains new materials.

    How you want to imagine that the earth (the crust) would respond to this requirement is one that is really only limited by your imagination.  Look to other planets and moons for clues.

    Me, I think that spreading would stop, and we would see volcanism piling new material on top of the crust.  Material would move from upper mantle to upper crust, and crust would descend slowly, in response.  One possibility is that we would see things like Olympus Mons, enormous volcanoes, along with a lot of scattered basalt plains (mares like on the moon but not from impacts; flood basalts perhaps).  Some might see crustal bending and folding as more likely, somewhat akin to the old geosyncline (pre-plate tectonics) models for mountain and trench formation. 

    There is a space problem and the earth would have to deal with it somehow.

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    If i'm understanding the question. you could have an Island popping up in unexpected areas... you could also have a new area for life to form as she does close to a new Island...  along with unexpected underwater Earth-quakes and displacement of the water, storms in the area , magnetic fields in the area can change...   it can sink a ship and knock Planes out of the sky...  

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    A lot more mountain ranges like the Himalayas and the Alps  is what would happen. India used to beca separate continent. India still has the moment in it had when it?was a?separate continent. The granituc Crist doesn't want to subduct like the oceanic crust so it gets sliced off and smashed against Asia creating the Himalayas. My Everest is about as tall as Mountain can be on Earth and it is bending the crust and Mantle underneath it. . 

    You are totally ignoring the continental and former continental rifts. The Great Rift Valley will  become an MOR.

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