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Nose piercing ?

So I had my nose pierced for about 3 months and had to take it out because I got a keloid. I changed out my piercing to a hoop too early that is what cause the keloid. How long should you wait to get it pierced again? I took my nose stud out to let it grow over around October. The keloid is completely gone. I want it in the same spot but I’m afraid if I do it too soon I’ll get the keloid again. Would it be too soon to repierce it in the same spot?

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  • Laura
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    2 months ago

    You did not have a keloid.  A keloid is a buildup of scar tissue and does not go away.  You had an irritation bump.  These are very common for nose piercings.  This was most likely caused by you changing the jewelry too early.  

    As long as your nose is fully healed you should be able to get repierced.  I would wait around 6 months to get it repierced just to be sure that the inside of your nose is fully healed.  You don't want to get another irritation bump again, and they will happen more often if you get it repierced too soon.  Give your nose the time it needs to heal inside and out and you should be able to get repierced and not have any issues next time.  

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    People who are prone to keloids shouldn’t get piercings

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