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Cleaned oven (baking soda mix), alarm STILL goes off! Help!?

I have an old oven, tried it twice since i moved in a few months ago, it was dirty so then alarm kept going off. I left it alone, then recently gas company game by, gas is fine, then handyman came and said it should be fine, i just need to clean. So i spent all weekend cleaning with baking soda and water paste mixture, and vinegar on top,  and washing it away, scrubbing. just as I've been seeing everywhere online. I do NOT want to use harsh oven cleaner chemicals at all. Just DIY safe material. So i just turned the oven on with a bowl of hot water in it to see it work. After 7 minutes my alarm went off again! So frustrated. What is wrong, how can i fix? If maybe baki g soda mix went down under the bottom of the interior of the oven, would that cause it? Or residue baking soda? I don't know what else to do.

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  • 2 months ago

    You are dealing with heavy duty baked on grease. You need a heavy duty baked on grease cleaner.

    If you "do NOT want to use harsh oven cleaner chemicals at all", then you had better get used to having an oven caked with heavy duty baked on grease.

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    What it's going to take is the complete removal of the baked-on substances that are smoking when the oven is heated.

    There's a reason people use dedicated oven cleaners and not home-made cleaners: they work a whole lot better. If baking soda and vinegar and ammonia and salt and all the other home-made cleaners were effective, nobody would have been able to sell oven cleaning products.

    There are two "levels" of oven cleaner. One is quite caustic and requires a well-ventilated room and rubber gloves. It works really well, but that's some serious chemicals. The other is water soluble, isn't dangerous to breathe in, and is safe to touch with bare hands. That's the one I use, Easy-Off Fume Free.

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